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  1. rizvend

    Why so much negative Cybertruck posts & news today?

    Gramma says, "you'll find what you seek." 👵
  2. rizvend

    My Cybertruck loan - $100k @ 5.94% interest rate / 72 months

    Ok so with attaching a very new LLC to the loan, this is what the confirmed final offer was from TESLA financing... Still haggling with the tire fee...
  3. rizvend

    Two Tone Wrap (Black & White) Cybertruck!

    Add DennisCW RGB lights and you have a cop car! 😅
  4. rizvend

    ELECFRESH | Center Floor Organizer

    Noice! Take my money! 😅🤩
  5. rizvend

    FSD is supposed to be: "this is the weekend"?

    Just switch seats with the kids for a change and tape their hands to the steering wheel! Let them earn their keep! 😅
  6. rizvend

    Does your Cybertruck have front wheel well liners?

    At least we can see what is exposed and what the heck he's talking about. LoL.
  7. rizvend

    ⚡️Unveiling the First-Ever Cybertruck RGB LED OEM Light Bar Mod

    Imagine this just on the location you want...
  8. rizvend

    Tesla Doesn't Want to Buy My Cybertruck

    You really must be going through a lot now. I still wish good things for you and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Hang in there.
  9. rizvend

    Tesla Doesn't Want to Buy My Cybertruck

    Having a year old post regarding this highly signifies that flipping was your intent to begin with and lost credibility right there. I still hope things work out for you, whatever that means to you.
  10. rizvend

    Tesla Doesn't Want to Buy My Cybertruck

    I think it has to go through arbitration first.
  11. rizvend

    Tesla Doesn't Want to Buy My Cybertruck

    If you gave them first right of refusal and have it documented, you have all the right to initiate a sale to a 3rd party. Just get it in writing. Read your contract. Good luck. I hope all works out for you.
  12. rizvend

    First roadtrip after delivery - 400+ miles

    Hopefully, you had enough bodies warm in the cabin to keep you comfy at 55F. 😅🥶
  13. rizvend

    Finally! Got my VIN, need advice

    In my experience, places like Carmax will give you a quote for 25% more over what you would get with Tesla to buy your car.
  14. rizvend

    Kansas City Deliveries

    Is there anybody in the KC deliveries who ordered after 1/19/24? My VIN is still sleeping.