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  1. ÆCIII

    For the love of God, leave me be!

    To be honest, I have both sympathy and lack thereof. Many early adopters and FS Cybertruck owners wanted to be some of the first to get it FOR attention, so part of me says be careful what you wish for. Probably going to be one or two years before all the attention decreases a little, with...
  2. ÆCIII


    Stuff happens. Many have waited four years or longer, so a few days is like a drop in the bucket. I wouldn't have immediately posted an ALL-CAPS rant about it, but instead just calmly waited to get my Cybertruck, evaluate it for a couple days or a week, and then include the delivery hiccups as...
  3. ÆCIII

    I took delivery of my CyberBeast and doodled all over it!

    My first thought is he wanted to draw attention because he intended on wrapping it anyway. Time will tell. But if I picked up a Beast Cybertruck, I would not be able to stand wasting any time diddling or doodling on it because I would rather just be out driving it ASAP. To each their own for...
  4. ÆCIII

    Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes) UPDATE: FIXED

    I wasn't critical of the whole thread or posts afterward. I was pointing out what could've been included in the first post starting the thread, and how what was included or excluded might reveal something about the OP or context. Being genuine and thoughtful go hand in hand. Being one-sided...
  5. ÆCIII

    Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes) UPDATE: FIXED

    Oh yes, posting something without any context of Tesla support or diagnosis to provide us the whole story is a very 'respectful demeanor'. It's not like someone rushed to only post something negative before getting Tesla's information. Oh wait - what's this?! - ÆCIII
  6. ÆCIII

    Got VIN today, Virginia

    I meant I wished he was able to 'register' it in another state besides Virginia, not just buy it outside of Virginia. That's why I said I wished he was in another state. Virginia will get their money each year in property taxes from people registering vehicles there. I know some people who...
  7. ÆCIII

    Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Do you have a source of this 'issue' other than rumor? First I've heard of it. Has anyone demonstrated the issue by allowing sentry to fill up a USB drive and showing us the problem on video? After any accident I'd be involved in, pulling the USB drive would be one of the first things I would...
  8. ÆCIII

    Got VIN today, Virginia

    Congrats! But I wish you were in another state so that you wouldn't have to be automatically giving Virginia 10K in property taxes over the next five years, in addition to the 4K sales tax up front. I salute those who make the hard choice of buying any new vehicle in Virginia, the highest...
  9. ÆCIII

    Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    After only 350 miles at which the accident was said to occur, I highly doubt the sentry mode drive would've been filled up with data. - ÆCIII
  10. ÆCIII

    Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Interesting that the OP hasn't posted Sentry video footage of the accident. They took the time to capture all the still images, but it takes very little time to pull the USB drive from vehicle and get video data from it. The new vehicles supposedly come with a 128GB drive installed, so that...
  11. ÆCIII

    Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes) UPDATE: FIXED

    Just pointing out the obvious, and regardless of how genuine someone is or not, or whether some will try to rationalize it or not - credibility accumulates with time, and time will tell. Those without reputable time on these forums will simply not be taken as seriously as those who have...
  12. ÆCIII

    Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes) UPDATE: FIXED

    Why are many threads like this from people who just joined the forum very recently within the last month or so??? - ÆCIII
  13. ÆCIII

    Improvements you would like to see in future updates that can't be updated via software

    Washers for all cameras, not just the rear. Night vision (IR) for cameras automatically activated at dark, like some security cameras do. A robotic arm extending up from the dash with window cleaner spray and micro-fiber pad to self-clean the inside of that huge windshield, and then retracts...
  14. ÆCIII

    HF, VHF/UHF antenna (for HAM radio) install on my Cybertruck, works really well! 📶

    Not with a cellphone, but with an app added in the Tesla Infotainment or UI if Tesla would allow it. Again - daydreams ... ;) - ÆCIII
  15. ÆCIII

    HF, VHF/UHF antenna (for HAM radio) install on my Cybertruck, works really well! 📶

    Nice. I think it would be cool if amateur band transceivers had more USB/bluetooth supported with external app controls, such that you could mount the transceiver out of sight and use an app from the touch screen or voice commands. Pressing the scroll wheel or button on the squircle for PTT...
  16. ÆCIII

    Got flipped the bird on the road

    While Idaho is not a huge oil producer compared to some, it is right next to Montana and Wyoming which do produce oil, and the companies up there certainly are pushing anti-EV rhetoric in those regions as much as possible within the perceived culture at home, in town, or in the workplace. While...
  17. ÆCIII

    First Cybertruck Custom Interior. Red Makeover by T Sportline

    There are other colors I'd like too, but for a first customization example it looks nice. I like color combinations with dark or black elements, so I think the color choice goes great with the black wheels and Inozetek black wrap film. - ÆCIII
  18. ÆCIII

    Totaled Crashed Cybertruck in Tampa

    Would like to see more close up images of the car in back. - ÆCIII
  19. ÆCIII

    6 new color paint films released for Cybertruck (factory - dealer install)

    Agreed - Manufacturer and more details would be helpful. The Tesla website does show this much though: But it doesn't really specify if it's gloss, satin, or matte either. - ÆCIII
  20. ÆCIII

    Cybertruck is inductive charging ready! Battery connector harness spotted in Service Manual

    Didn't realize such details of the service manual were publicly available. I remember seeing links in another post but was too busy to click on them at the time. Nice to see how 'future proof' and thoughtful the Cybertruck battery pack and systems are. But, if they went to the trouble to...