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  1. Blue Steel

    [UPDATE: PHOTOSHOP] Has Anyone Else Seen This? (New Cybertruck Body Design)

    Could be. I've been watching CT news for years now and have never seen this design. I would assume a prototype with a big departure from the production design would have disappeared by now. Maybe this one is on it's way to the Petersen vault.
  2. Blue Steel

    [UPDATE: PHOTOSHOP] Has Anyone Else Seen This? (New Cybertruck Body Design)

    Jeff Roberts' drone footage spied a CT in Austin with no mirrors. The bigger news to me is the bodyline down the side. Anyone else see this?
  3. Blue Steel

    Not shocked by CT pricing.

    It really wouldn’t make sense for Tesla to sell a truck that undercuts the competition by $30k, when demand is overwhelming. But I still wanted them to do just that. Surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes.
  4. Blue Steel

    67% of non-reservation holders surveyed say no to CT

    I won’t be ready on 1/1. But later in the year there’s a spot in my driveway reserved for the AWD.
  5. Blue Steel

    Cybertruck off road testing with lifted air suspension @ Hollister Hills OHV

    First couple? Haha no. I would say more like first couple quarters of production. At best. I had a Model Y that was around #50,000 off the line. It had some pretty bad panel gaps, some rattles, and mismatched brake lights (one old style and one new). Judging by other owners on the webs, my...
  6. Blue Steel

    Cybertruck deliveries start in October says Tesla employee / Cybertruck test driver

    Sorry to be a wet blanket, but I do think this is wishful thinking. The normal way is to do a "soft roll-out" to employees, and then a few months later start delivering to actual customers. So if deliveries start next month I would expect customers to start seeing them early next year,
  7. Blue Steel

    Cybertruck off road testing with lifted air suspension @ Hollister Hills OHV

    Tesla has a track record of releasing vehicles that aren't anywhere near fully optimized. So I would be more worried about the opposite.
  8. Blue Steel

    Family Trip Photo 📸 😍

    I think the lens of the camera is stretching it out a bit. The Model 3 below it looks longer than the Model Y.
  9. Blue Steel

    RC Decal'd Cybertruck spotted at Las Vegas Tesla Supercharger [new video added]

    Looks like the whole tailgate needs to shift upwards. Would not effect the part you circled below but tighten up the part you circled above. I expect at least the first 5,000 or so of these out the door to have some pretty bad gap issues. Curved panels can hide a lot of flaws. Big flat slabs...
  10. Blue Steel

    Closeups!! Dual Motor Cybertruck shows frunk open, alcantara headliner, perforated seats, rectangular steering wheel, VIN # (8/31 pics)

    Just above the rear window in the vault it looks like there is a cover for an anchor point on each side. What is that about?
  11. Blue Steel

    DRL, headlights, fog lights, sidemarkers, tail light bar ON in night time video (on Tundra Cybertruck leaving supercharger)

    I don't really see what the difference is. In this video both the light bar and the headlights are fairly bright, from an aesthetic standpoint. And in my Model Y whenever I'm driving the DRL and headlights are on. It's only the fog lights that get turned off sometimes.
  12. Blue Steel

    8/29: Cybertrucks spotted heading towards Fremont + unloading videos + reverse sound + open frunk look!

    I think they are really struggling with the hinge/fit/motor on the frunk lid. Seems like every other pic or video shows people fiddling with it.
  13. Blue Steel

    Videos: Opening Cybertruck door and charge port cover

    Looks like it's fully lowered here. Also, both kids go in on a knee and climb up to the seat.
  14. Blue Steel

    Name your Cybertruck?

    For the uninitiated, Tesla requires you to give your car a name. So the CT will probably just be called "The Truck". Our Model Y has been called "The Y" for a few years now. We're pretty creative people, obviously. If I put a black wrap on it then I would call it "The Black Death". That's...
  15. Blue Steel

    Here we go again! (TFL on Tesla)

    TFL is hit and miss. A few months ago Roman basically announced that he is giving up on EVs. Or that the grid isn't ready. Or something like that. Since then he went fully negative toward anything EV related. Not just Tesla. Goldberg, from the CarCast podcast, basically did the same thing...
  16. Blue Steel

    Poll: How often do you use your frunk? (Or see yourself using it)

    Depends what you mean by "use." With my Y I keep my tire repair kit up there, so I suppose I use it always. Same goes for my Polestar 2. I keep rarely used work items up there, like my hardhat. But if you mean, like open it up and put stuff in or take stuff out... rarely. With the Y we...
  17. Blue Steel

    Video: Tonneau cover closing on Cybertruck Beta!

    Yeah. It’s being called a beta. I personally think this version is about 99.9% the final production version and that any changes at this point will probably be very minor or completely invisible. I’m sad to see the 6 seat option go away. That was a major selling point for me in 2019. But...
  18. Blue Steel

    Reservation Dropout Percentage

    I'd bet the dropout rate is solidly north of 75%. But I'm including folks who don't cancel their reservation, but also don't convert it to an order when given the opportunity. The world is wildly different than it was in 2019. Who knows how much more it will change in the next year. And I...
  19. Blue Steel

    Will you be trading/re-selling your current Tesla for the Cybertruck?

    My wife would kill me if I tried to sell her Model Y. But my Polestar 2 would be sent on to a new owner.