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  1. Breaking: Grey Interior ("Tactical Grey") image from Foundation Series compositor source code!

    So the base trim will become an extra charge now? I thought white was the "optional" interior.
  2. Do you think CT prices will go up after FS?

    The price will drop, the truck is designed to be cheap to produce, and the more they can build, the further price reduction is possible.
  3. Visibility from driver's seat?

    I haven't driven the real one yet, but have driven thousands of miles in VR. I think it is a very good and wide field of view.
  4. Only limited edition $99k/$120k Foundation Series Cybertruck’s for 2024?

    The Model 3 is effectively less than $35k for a long time already. Cybertruck will go down in price once its ramp is complete. The 2nd line at Austin hasn't even been built yet.
  5. Why aren't you accepting the Foundation Series invitation?

    I'm sorta glad I don't live in a geographical area that gets the earliest launch vehicles. I'm the kind of guy that gets hits with the depreciation as I probably couldn't wait to get one. But as with the Model 3, by the time I was able to get one, there were better variants that were not...
  6. Why aren't you accepting the Foundation Series invitation?

    FSD is fun, but not $12k fun. If it was 3-5k, it would be a no-brainer and Tesla would have a huge adoption of FSD. When Tesla allows non-foundation orders, it is effectively a price drop.
  7. Metal Key Cards coming for Cybertruck

    This is great, wish each car in the lineup also gets their own exclusive Key Card, when you have multiple Teslas you have to use ugly labels to differentiate them, and its not the best solution. For my Porsche keys, I always get the option that they are all color-matched to the car.
  8. 8 Cybertrucks will be showcased in 8 China cities simultaneously, then go on national tour

    There isn't much of a market for pickup trucks in China. People rather buy a luxury van and there are plenty of choices there.
  9. Do you plan to remove your side mirrors?

    on another thought, I might even keep the center mirror. I do have hot girls riding in the back of my cars often!
  10. Do you plan to remove your side mirrors?

    I'm keeping the side mirrors, but removing the center mirror
  11. Foundation Series skipper waiting room.

    Yes, but will be skipping the Beast at this stage. In reality, I don't think Canada will get deliveries anytime soon and I don't have an early reservation either.
  12. There should be lifetime supercharging for Foundation Series

    You got a point, never thought about that since the CT is the first Tesla that can charge another Tesla.
  13. 10,000+ Miles Driving a Cybertruck – Things learned: range, great sound and full love/hate list after 10k miles

    More like there isn't enough 4680 and it will get more complex if they need to build another battery pack. The "RWD"will get a different battery pack, most likely smaller tho.
  14. Vault is not waterproof

    watch the refresh we will see Tesla solve the waterproof vault and will treat it as a new feature.
  15. 10,000+ Miles Driving a Cybertruck – Things learned: range, great sound and full love/hate list after 10k miles

    The limited range of the vehicle isn't a significant concern for me, as it offers a slight improvement over a standard-range car. However, the issue arises with its large 123kWh battery, which is necessary to achieve what a regular Tesla can with a smaller 50-75kWh battery. This becomes a...
  16. Getting cold feet. Vin Assigned, pickup anyday. What to do?

    The main concern with investing $120k in the Cybertruck is its potential price drop in the future. In about five years, it's conceivable that a brand-new Cybertruck could be available for half its current price directly from Tesla. This isn't about depreciation, but rather how the Cybertruck...
  17. In 4 years how much more value will the Foundation Series have over normal?

    The FS will depreciate the most, and will hit even harder once better spec or cheaper trims come into production.