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  1. TexasRaider

    My Automatic Car Wash Experience

    One of my local car washes “advertise” that they recycle ~50% of their water. Thankfully, I haven’t ever notice any issues. But of course, the result will depend on the filters in the recycling they do. (I’d believe.)
  2. TexasRaider

    Accelerator Pedal Cover Recall Detail

    Ditto. Thankfully. (Feb build)
  3. TexasRaider

    Could a CT be constructed with an outer skin other than Stainless Steel

    Some of you guys are super silly. 🤪 This question reminds me of the Top Gear (OG episodes) where they drove “vehicles” made of mud and such. 😄😂 . . Bones and animal hides 😔🤣
  4. TexasRaider

    Need for a charger station "emergency-breakaway" device?

    This video is what I was recalling as well. It’d completely be an aftermarket item, with the user footing the bill for any damage incurred to the property / charger. Which of course, if it was for an actual illegal act like robbery the EV driver would have use their insurance to cover costs to...
  5. TexasRaider

    Software Update disappeared?

    It just happened my 17MS yesterday for FSD 12. And then different OTA was pushed to the MS.
  6. TexasRaider

    NEW CYBERBEAST personalized plate ordered.

    Going with: ShnyThg 😂 “Shinny Thing”
  7. TexasRaider

    Aftermarket rear view mirror -- any dual digital and analog mirror compatible with Cybertruck?

    FYI: There’s a setting to keep the rear camera on.
  8. TexasRaider

    2024.8.9 Software Release Out

    I drive with these cameras up 100% of the time to get used to the dimensions of the CT. So helpful!
  9. TexasRaider

    What’s the longest wait right now?

    Less 12 hours from switching my CB order to an AWD - VIN was assigned and delivery was made within 3 days from the VIN assigned. Delivery - 3/29 . . I notice the build date for my AWD was in February. . Which I find interesting.
  10. TexasRaider

    What’s the longest wait right now?

    From conversations on this forum, Tesla should at least send out scratch and sniff stickers to all res holders to keep them busy. 😂 SOMETHING! Lol
  11. TexasRaider

    My Automatic Car Wash Experience

    I was told by Tesla to only take it through the auto washes that move around the vehicle while it is stationary. But also, it would only clean it as you described above.
  12. TexasRaider

    Accessories for Cybertruck

    How do you want to use it on your CT? (If your CT dies completely, it’ll need to be towed not “jumped”.)
  13. TexasRaider

    Reuters: Tesla has cancelled the "Model 2" [Update: Denied by Elon Musk]

    That is a concern of mine - altered speed limits and FSD. I hope Tesla AI can understand when kids are at school and when they aren’t . . Or when the flashing yellow lights in front of a firehouse doesn’t mean the yellow lights are about to turn red every time I drive past.
  14. TexasRaider

    Cyberbeast delivered 4/5!

    Ditto. I had 30min with Tesla Mechanic for questions and then I was out. No photos. Ha