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  1. Cyber Will be a massive comfortable fortress during hurricanes

    Weeelllll? Not so fast... First the most recent reference in the article is 2011, second virtually ALL the new neighborhoods in Brevard County have underground utilities, third our town was told it would cost $2-3K a home to get the lines buried. fourth, I am getting the line from the pole to my...
  2. Elon Musk is ready to pull out of California, over CA not allowing the plant to be reopened.

    It is a real sjit show in the TMC investor thread right now... My thoughts have always been that TSLA should have nothing in California but a headhunter for the young engineer talent. Elon only chose Fremont because he didn't understand that there were alot better environments to place your...
  3. Cyber Will be a massive comfortable fortress during hurricanes

    Down here in florida it is becoming the standard to build solid-poured homes near the coast, Some have (almost) flat concrete roofs as well. But even if your walls stay up the power is likely to go out. I live in an upscale community but it is old so many of the older people are unwilling to pay...

    When I investigated Tesla Solar roof I looked at the complete solar market and all the options. Virtually nothing makes financial sense in Florida because our Kw/h is 13 cents or less. People that get solar here don't get it for the cost savings unless they are real bad at math, and getting...
  5. Cyber Will be a massive comfortable fortress during hurricanes

    I posted a thread dealing with how the CYBER has a very useful but unidentified positive quality. Many of us live in an area that is exposed to hurricanes and the loss of power for days after the storm. We also often leave our homes for a "mandatory evacuation order" but in all seriousness I...
  6. Production Cybertruck Size Reduced By 3% With a More Level Center Line and Lower Window Sills [Update: Interior Reduced 1.5%]

    and you'd be giving misleading information (sometimes referred to being "WRONG!" ) The bed is 6.5ft. With the tailgate down it is perhaps 8ft.

    You want to know how a term can become associated with a (non-) event? Just look at the number of views for this Thread... If I'd have named it... CYBERTRUCK IS HURRICANE-PROOF it'd have a thousand views. And the lack of views is part of the reason I named it what I try and destigmatize...

    I was actually thinking the CYBER would be used to keep the fridge cold and the airlifts in the koi pond going (less than 10Kw/day, maybe less than 5Kw), and the Cyber's AC would only be needed at bedtime. Since I've been through the "inconvenience" of not having electricity after a hurricane I...
  9. Cybertruck Gigafactory Location Will Be More Than Halfway to East Coast

    The only negative I see when it comes to putting ANOTHER huge aspect of his company in Texas is that he has less political power on a federal level. By placing it at a border to states with large populations he could garner favor with a larger % of the federally elected officials.

    I have not read anyone discuss an issue I just thought of. And this is a HUGE issue. AND should be an attractive reason to buy a Tesla Vehicle. It also involves a term already used that has a bad connotation. And therefore is even a better reason to name the advantage one has from owning a Tesla...
  11. Lifting tailgate option please Tesla

    I've gotten every girl working at Bare Assets(way over 3.500lbs) into my bed on more than one occasion and it was easy (with enough hun'red dollah bills.). (I can dream too.)
  12. Ages of Cybertruck Owners Club members

    I got ya beat...I have a human-powered reel mower (And I have about .1 acres of groundcover that needs to be "mowed" 6x a year.
  13. Ages of Cybertruck Owners Club members

    OK? There is one kid that "polled" as buying a cyber. Now the question is, Is he actually capable (Daddy), or is he dreaming?
  14. Lifting tailgate option please Tesla

    yeah that "lift"? You are DREAMING. I've never seen one on a normal truck.
  15. Ages of Cybertruck Owners Club members

    :ROFLMAO::sick::sick::oops: So just tell me about the suspension and performance of a shugary f-150
  16. When Do You Think the Fremont plant will restart? Is Elon Musk investigating other options?

    Elon ain't perfect. But at the time Fremont was what looked right to him. Only because he didn't know the rest of the USA is so different(Better for businesses especially manufacturing). He went from Canada to California. He thought Cali was normal. At the very least he should get his...