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  1. Improvements you would like to see in future updates that can't be updated via software

    Let's keep it realistic. - Boost in 4680 Performance - Better waterproofing for the vault - Put the goddamn turn signal on each side of the steering wheel like a Ferrari. it is far less confusing than having both on one side do both left and right. We study driver ergonomics, and Ferrari's...
  2. Your Cybertruck Is Already Outdated Thread

    Gonna redo this topic, yes, the moment you pick up your Tesla, it is already outdated, and a better or sometimes worse version is already in production. -Current rumor hardware update that will come soon - 10-20% increase in range with higher density 4680 Source...
  3. Door dings on the Cybertruck

    Just a reminder if you see door dings on your Cybertruck, it is 100% done by another Cybertruck. Remember only HFS will scratch HFS. ;)
  4. Cybertruck v2? [CLOSED: IT'S A PHOTOSHOP]

    Just saw this from Jeff Robert's channel. That line accross the door is completely different.
  5. Production vs Concept Size difference

    The rainbow color outline represents the size of the original concept.
  6. Steam? Any confirmation that Steam is included in the Cybertruck?

    Has anyone been able to see if Steam is included on the Cybertruck? or will this be S/X exclusive?
  7. Tesla Cybertruck for Assetto Corsa (Nurburgring Test)

    Hello Cybertruck enthusiasts! We're excited to share some electrifying news with you all. Our team at Binary Motors, a passionate group within the Assetto Corsa creator community, has just received the 3D model of the Production version of the Tesla Cybertruck. This marks the beginning of an...
  8. December Deliveries -- How Many?

    Ok, everyone is just talking about the delivery event on Nov. 30th. So how many deliveries do you guys think we would be expecting in December? Think we will be able to reach 500 trucks by the end of the year?
  9. Cybertruck 3D Models from Tesla App - No Updates Yet

    Wondering if anyone here knows how to extract the 3D Models from the Tesla App shown in this article. If we are able to get these models, we will be able to recreate them for Assetto Corsa and allow everyone to test drive them in...
  10. Keeping Expectation Grounded

    While we all wish the Cybertruck will be 49k for a dual motor and 69k for a tri-motor. Lets keep our expectation realistic. Here is a list of things that I feel that could be the worst case scenario. - $79k starting price for the Dual Motor Variant - lower than expected range - FSD won't be...
  11. Driving The Cybertruck in VR

    Driving the Cybertruck in Virtual Reality will give us a glimpse of the size and what the visibility inside the truck is like.