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  1. fhteagle

    If you wanted the CT (2019 - 500 mile) for TOWING will you switch to Silverado EV

    Another important video about towing amongst the various models: TL;DW : Silverado went Denver to Grand Junction nonstop while towing a model 3 (against headwind in the latter half), and nonstop (through a snow storm in parts of) the way back.
  2. fhteagle

    Compatible Music File Formats

    File system partition format list should also include ext4 (tested on a 2023 MY). Have a larger stick coming from Temu, will try btrfs next just for kicks (as support for that is baked into most implementations of the Linux kernel anyway)
  3. fhteagle

    Starlink installed INSIDE the Cybertruck

    I'd be worried about heat damage to the terminal electronics from baking the summer sun...
  4. fhteagle

    TESLA CyberTruck Wind Tunnel Testing - SHOCKING Results (w/ Cd figures measured)

    Interesting take, especially with the giant jumps in Cd with ride height. Don't have time to watch the video at this moment, were these taken with wheels static or wheels rolling?
  5. fhteagle

    11.5 kw 48A not adding 46 mile per hour

    The 80% for continuous loads rule has nothing to do with a plug. Even hard wired installs can be dangerous if there's any single weak link in the chain. The charge rate CAN BE limited by the EVSE on the wall, or limited by the charge rate selected on the EV. Relying on limiting the amps via the...
  6. fhteagle

    Powershare Install Completed

    I vaguely remember hearing that charging the CT from solar during grid down conditions is not turned on in software yet. Firmware update needed for PW, gateway, CT, or some combination of the above. Will be interesting to see how long it takes for that all to get to a state of "just works"....
  7. fhteagle

    Powershare Install Completed

    That SolarEdge is a "grid-tied" only inverter, as in it needs a 60Hz waveform to follow before it will generate power, yesno? Did the installer offer the option to wire it in via the "backup" side of the Gateway? I get that the CT can't follow the SolarEdge, but could the SolarEdge follow the...
  8. fhteagle

    Are people really selling their Cybertrucks for $200k+ or is that all hype and are there ramifications?

    This is the root cause problem. That clause has no business being in the MVPA as written. It won't accomplish it's stated goal even if Tesla tries to enforce it. If they don't enforce it, the company loses face. If they even one time do go after a customer that sold their truck, Tesla loses...
  9. fhteagle

    Owner experiences steering and brake failure

    This reminds me of the early days of the Embraer 170/190 series, which had so many return to gate events for electronic glitches it started to be called the "Embraer 180". If it's just a loss of redundancy and not a loss of function, it's annoying but needs fixed. If it's an actual loss of...
  10. fhteagle

    ARC Microturbine 8kW generator for emergency battery back up or deep remote use?

    Interesting find, but there's a lot of "ummm...." here. Max Vdc is 85, so you would need a beefy boost converter to get it to vehicle voltage. So there's a size / weight / inefficiency hit.... On top of the already abysmal 4.5% thermal efficiency... 3 gal of diesel #2 per hour to make ~6 kWh...
  11. fhteagle

    How long would it take to trickle charge a Cybertruck?

    The other problem is the parasitic draw from having things powered up, like vehicle computers, circulating pumps, etc. I don't have an exact figure, but on our Y it is something like 300-400W when charging, even at very low rates. Makes all L1 charging and low amp L2 charging also very...
  12. fhteagle

    Can the CyberTruck power an RV? Tested

    FIFY. The real issue is whether CT can charge from shore power while passing power to the RV, so as to not overload the pedestal. Which we have heard that it can't currently, but should be able to pass ~4kW in the future according to Baglino IIRC. Is 4kW enough for an RV while parked?
  13. fhteagle

    Just drove the Silverado EV (Hertz rental)

    What is "scream testing", exactly?
  14. fhteagle

    Just drove the Silverado EV (Hertz rental)

    I guess we know where the few units GM actually produced are going. Wonder how long until they're on Hertz's vehicle (re-)sales site....? @Sjohnson20 - Whatever writeup / review you care to provide when you're done with it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. fhteagle

    Towing tested with 6,000lb Tesla and trailer load

    I have been saying, for a decade now, that PHEV mid, full, and heavy duty sized trucks are needed. I am baffled as to why legacy OEMs have been so incredibly foolish as to sit out that market segment. Especially GM, a double strength AWD Voltec drive train in a Colorado and/ or Silverado would...
  16. fhteagle

    Does the V2G qualify as home battery backup?

    From what I can tell CT definitely has V2L, probably has V2H with the right mix of other equipment, but does not have V2G. Unless I missed an announcement or Xitter post or something adding that?
  17. fhteagle

    Is the tonneau waterproof?

    Yeah, the more I think about it, the more o think the powered tonneau is a miss for my particular use case. Not water resistant enough to keep stuff dry by itself. Kyle Conner said he could stick his hand between the tailgate and end of extended tonneau even. That means important things are...