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  1. Cybertruck26

    Just saw this on 237 near Santa Clara.

    That's an interesting transport method... Looks like it's heading towards Fremont.
  2. Cybertruck26

    CyberBeast delivery location randomly changed

    RN11285 Beast res, Bay Area. I was able to configure on 1/21. My delivery location has been Sunnyvale since 1/21, but suddenly it was just changed to Dublin, yesterday. Now, I would love to take this as a sign of "luck of the Irish ☘️ ", but has anyone else seen their delivery location change...
  3. Cybertruck26

    ☘️ Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day ☘️

    May the luck of the Irish be with you, and you all receive your Cybertrucks soon! Many blessings to you and yours. Sláinte 🍻 ☘ 🍀
  4. Cybertruck26

    Cybertruck battery disconnect location?

    Has anybody located the main battery disconnect in the CT? In my Model Y the battery can be disconnected from underneath the back seat, I haven't seen anything regarding the battery disconnect in the CT. This is more out of curiosity than any other reason.
  5. Cybertruck26

    Inductive Charging 🤔

    I was thinking about this recently, thought I would bring my pondering to ye fellow Tesnerds. I read an article not very long ago about Tesla's r&d into their own inductive charging (article below), but it made me imagine a world where we can (efficiently) inductively charge our Cybertrucks...
  6. Cybertruck26

    Tesla is trolling us...

    I saw I had an email from Tesla, my heart raced... It wasn't about my vin or delivery but, ...happy Valentines Day 😑 ...i'm single, this hurts twice as much 😭😂