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  1. CyberBeast Tri-Motor vs. Dual-Motor Cybertruck Drag Race! 🥊

    They need to have "closed road race mode" and open both trucks up to 145-ish top speed. They can even limit the 145 to 5 seconds or something. ICE trucks are that way with the same tires and similar weight. AWD gets high 11's, Beast gets high 10's.
  2. Tested: Power an RV while charging a CyberTruck ?

    You can buy a dryer plug splitter for $299 here(discounts also):
  3. Introducing ProtectaClear: the smart coating option to protect your 30X stainless steel factory finish

    Best I can tell from the website, a quart does one coat of 250 s.f., which is 5 ft x 50 ft. That cost $89. Also sell a gallon for $299. One or two quarts I guess. Says additional coats can be applied over top, several years later. You spray or wipe on.
  4. ENDED: Tesla Q4 and Full Year '23 Earnings, Slides, References & Webcast link. (w/CT highlights)

    Your can start a new thread, we have one for the new FS owners. Now we can have one for the EV Truck Virgins, holding out for the honeymoon with our CT VIN! Not going to be tempted by other EV trucks!
  5. GLOSS BLACK Cybertruck completed - first look video

    I don't know... If this thing was blasting Darth Vader Breathing out the exterior speaker... and a dozen gloss white Stormtrooper CTs around it.
  6. My Foundation Series order doesn't have Powershare

    My invite from 2 days ago still has it for both models.
  7. Bed Mat Options

    Nah... a good razor knife or scissors, and double sided gorilla tape! :unsure::ROFLMAO:
  8. Where are all the light bars on delivered cyberbeast !??

    My FS order invite says "Installation required, available in 2024"
  9. Ordered 2 Foundation Series CTs. How to transfer one to a friend?

    So, there's 2 people on here saying they received the FS invite, purchased it, then a week later received a second FS ? invite for a second reservation ? In the other thread, all have stated the highest RN number they have is the one that is active. And in fact, I received my invite yesterday...
  10. Just got the email from Tesla, foundation series ready to order

    Just got mine, 4:24pm EST. I'm in FL and have never owned a Tesla, (although my son has M3 day1 reservation). I have 3 reservations, 15k, 20k, and 25k. It is the last one. What a dilemma, I qualify for rebate, locked in FSD and want it. I buy cars/trucks and keep them 20 years or more. I...
  11. DIY Vinyl Wrapping. The Cybertruck was made for it. Albeit not on purpose.

    Plasti Dip is even easier and cheaper. Check out, website and YouTube channel. Lasts a couple years, longer if doesn't bake in the sun every day. Can spray new coats over top of different color or designs. When tired of it, just peel it off. Very easy DIY, I sprayed my...

    Maybe they hit there limit, 1000 or whatever? And that's it, we switch over to regular orders.
  13. Shopping cart dent test fun by Mat Watson

    Interesting, in both videos he acts like it is not his, or he has no permission to "attack" it. I plan to stand on the tonneau, but not jumping like that. Car door dings are still likely if they are aggressive. I would not expect it to be unscathed, and bend they other door corner over...
  14. 🍻 CyberBeer + CyberStein Limited Edition Set Giveaway! [Enter Here]

    My '02 Avalanche w/250k miles, bought new. I'm sure the Cybertruck with cold rolled steel can handle a few tree limbs falling on it, like this truck has for 20 years! A little Plasti-Dip every couple years spruced it up. Cybertruck will get flat black.
  15. Last minute price prediction challenge

    I'm leaning towards the original prices... $49,900 Dual 300 mile $69,900 Tri 500 mile 4 years ago, the expected to release that in 2021 and quickly get to a 25%+ profit margin. Due to covid and other issues, they have delayed 2 years. They also had a very good idea of the max pack size and...
  16. 1 week....and still clueless on price

    I was assuming access via sail, with storage down to bed and fender well depth. Avalanche and Ram boxes are like that. Each one would be similar c.f. of under-bed box, and these would be 6 ft long at top.
  17. 1 week....and still clueless on price

    What If... dreaming out loud... To meet the federal credit limits, Tesla dropped some expensive features, but allows them as "accessory upgrades" possibly installed at service centers. Here are "somewhat reasonable" price musings... $59,995 - Dual motor, 310 mile range, black interior...
  18. First Cybertrucks in Tesla stores now! @ San Diego & San Jose first

    I thought Elon said it had 14" of travel with the air suspension? Wouldn't that be something close to +/- 7" ? 🤔