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  1. Cybertruck26

    ~915 Cybertrucks spotted at Giga Texas today 4/16/24 due to delivery hold (for accelerator pedal issue)

    I remember it being posted that VINs were assigned at production, as they rolled down the line. Does anyone know, or can confirm, when the VINs are actually assigned to the buyer?
  2. Cybertruck26

    What are teenagers problems with Cybertruck?

    They are Gen Z'ers... easier to just accept that generation as a dud.
  3. Cybertruck26

    BoomBox Sound

    I agree. In fact, it gave me more confidence having it bc, as this was my first EV, I couldn't believe how silent the car actually was WITHOUT IT... way too many small children around my area.
  4. Cybertruck26

    BoomBox Sound

    Yea, but my vehicle is a 2020 Model Y, and I don't think it was mando on that... hence why I had to pay for the retrofitting of the PWS. Nobody was mandating I had it, I voluntarily opted for it.
  5. Cybertruck26

    NEW CYBERBEAST personalized plate ordered.

    My old plate was YINS3XY, they rejected it until I justified it with "that's all the models"... California 🥴
  6. Cybertruck26


    This is what reading an email from my great aunt is like, if anyone was wondering...
  7. Cybertruck26

    Lightbar on Franz's Cybertruck looking integrated and super sleek

    Does this imply that they won't have to be covered to legally drive with them (in California)?
  8. Cybertruck26

    Best solution for small dogs in back seat area of the Cybertruck?

    Tesla jus put out a pet (rear) seat protector, but looks like it's made for small dogs as the seat is down and it drapes across the seat. I have a 200 lbs dog and I want something that is big enough to use with the seats UP. Look at Tesla accessories, it's there... but- you will probably...
  9. Cybertruck26

    Got flipped the bird on the road

    Henry Ford was given the highest civilian award by the Nazi's and notoriously had a picture of him and Hitler in his office. Volkswagon =People's car , Hitler commissioned the Beetle, and worked with Ferdinand Porsche on it's design. He also laid the cornerstone of the Wolfsburg factory, where...
  10. Cybertruck26

    Got flipped the bird on the road

    Imagine being forced to ride bitch in someone else's truck, flipping off someone else...bc it's not like the truck you're riding in the back seat of. Special times for special people.
  11. Cybertruck26

    Official Tesla Cybertruck Pet Liner

    I got excited... i don't think this gonna be ideal for my big boy. I want to put the seats up, maybe buy two generic dog covers off Amazon and drape them in opposite directions. I figure this will keep most of the fur and drool in that area, and protect the rear screen.
  12. Cybertruck26

    Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Also, regen off? That should have at least caused a slight and gradual decrease in speed. At least, I would think a noticeable one... unless the accelerator was still down, validating your point.
  13. Cybertruck26

    It's been three days....

    For the CT? Yes... Some people hear something right away, some people find out that their truck VIN has been "accidentally" given to someone else... Any Veteran's here know the term "hurry up and wait"... It holds to this day 😂
  14. Cybertruck26

    Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    There is a difference between intrigue and believing everything you hear...
  15. Cybertruck26

    Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    "My neck... My back.... my neck AND my back..." Well played reference.