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  1. 3,400 miles towing a camping trailer w/ Cybertruck -- 19' Airstream (~4,500 lbs) to see solar eclipse

    I need to get a 'meantime' while I wait Tesla to figure out wtf you guys are calculating! But a light, 2 person trailer seems very manageable!
  2. A review from a Cybertruck/Tesla hater!

    Having never owned a Tesla, I'll be giddy about test drives of every model till they throw me out, in the next year! Learning curve for the software will be much easier with practice... Hope to test drive a CT before owning, too!
  3. Canceled Delivery

    Maybe that Beverly Hills Hotel crash wasn't just a drunk...? But a slippage issue suggests loss of accel? Anyone experienced this?
  4. Cybertruck V2 Range 500-640 Confirmed Possible - Battery Compartment Space

    I'm thinking now that Tesla will ditch the 4680s and fill the space with larger, CATL rectangular space filling batteries.. Built in USA.. This will require a redesigned structural pack. But 500 mile range is coming!!
  5. FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    A $6K reservation FSD is looking pretty good, if you believe Elon, they're gonna jack up the subscription price- exponentially...
  6. hot summer sun and heat from massive windshield?

    All that glass, and so many ways to crack... How much is a decent tint job? And what material?
  7. Opal Chalk Pure PPF Wrap looks awesome on Cybertruck

    On the plus side PPF film is, as it's name described, for surface protection. It's moderately self healing towards scratches,, and goes either directly on the SS or over the vinyl wrap easily. Good choice for longevity of the stainless .. There I'm a positive freak about wraps, now!
  8. For the love of God, leave me be!

    Park a couple of inflatable fake, or real (?) Doberman Pinchers in the bed... that'll cure it!
  9. Opal Chalk Pure PPF Wrap looks awesome on Cybertruck

    I hope that when these wraps do dull and scratch, they'll be easy to replace!?
  10. New Mexico Deliveries Are Underway! My Cybertruck Delivered Today 4/9/24

    Get bed liners and fan, and starlink (!) for your German Shepherds! Haha... Travel restraints for them to look out of it! What a hoot to discourage gawkers! Pix please! Congrats.
  11. So something is wrong in Austin ... CyberTruck backlog

    If your CT arrives, fails, and can't be warranty repaired, in a couple of reasonable attempts, invoke the State's "Lemon Law." Course you may need to pay a Lemon Law Lawyer too! You're entitled to a new CT, or refund the full price... minus legal fees!! But what a hassle over months...
  12. TESLA Admit it's Hard to Manufacture CyberTruck

    So, if half the reservations are canceled, were into 100K + within 12 months! Here it comes Tessies!
  13. My Cybertruck dream is in mortal danger - HELP!

    Divorce is a rat hole, that your existing wealth will disappear into. Forget CT, your family home, all the other toys. your kids expensive educations.. Wife's Lawyers with force an even distribution and liquidation of assets....and likely her alimony... At best your CT will become a financial...
  14. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Tesla needs to total the car to inspect it. Demand a new one, or a refund! And go through a lawyer...
  15. Braking power

    Is there no enhanced braking autopilot assistance yet ? The CT should have stopped itself???
  16. Two Tone Wrap (Black & White) Cybertruck!

    Crazy wraps = Driveway Icons! :cool:
  17. RN1130’s Order Confirmed: Here we go, folks!

    April Fools? Any comments on these assumptions? 1. Finished production range is 1500 - 3000 / week in 2024. 2. Half the reservation holders will opt out. 3. Deliveries are >90 days from order. I then presume reservations at about 125,000 level (mine) will be reached in 7 to 10 months from April...