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  1. jf64k

    Offroad Lightbar installation instructions in Service Manual (mount on windshield - retrofit)

    The way I take it: They will install it on the windshield, but it's up to the customer to plug it into the 48v harness under the roof trim. Maybe they'll call you back to the shop when they're about to button it up to have you plug it in, haha!!
  2. jf64k

    Offroad Lightbar installation instructions in Service Manual (mount on windshield - retrofit)

    I posted the same on 03/26 Lightbar install procedure in Service Manual | Tesla Cybertruck Forum - News, Discussions, Community - I hope they bring it to the store soon!!
  3. jf64k

    Finally in the Cybertruck Club! TLDR: AMAZING, GET ONE!

    Great write up, OP!! Thanks for sharing.
  4. jf64k

    WeatherTech Accessories

    I was going to paste that link!! I've had 3d Maxspider in both my 2020 MYLR's for almost 4 years and they still look as-new. I will be getting a full set for my FSCT as well. They look way better (IMHO) than the Tesla all-weathers.
  5. jf64k

    Curious. Who here has read The Foundation series from Issac Asimov?

    Great series of books. You can see why Asimov won the Hugo Award for 'Best Series of All Time' with them. I keep meaning to watch the Apple TV+ television show based on the books, but I never find the time. Watch Foundation - Apple TV+
  6. jf64k

    Just got a VIN!
  7. jf64k

    I am in shock! Accelerator recall delays my original delivery tomorrow!

    Rumor on X is it’s the accelerator pedal cover
  8. jf64k

    FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    Exactly. For those saying “You know the monthly will just keep going up”…did you see what just happened? After a few years at $199, they LOWERED THE PRICE by 50%!!
  9. jf64k

    It Delivers!!!!

    Great write up!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  10. jf64k

    Vermont VIN has entered the chat

    Rumor is there’s a recall on the accelerator.
  11. jf64k

    TFL on Tesla's Cybertruck cutting line shenanigans

    I got invited on 01/18 and didn’t configure until 03/15.
  12. jf64k

    FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    Unless you had EAP, then it was $99. I wonder if it will now be $49 for those with EAP??
  13. jf64k

    FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    Yeah, it would take ten years to get to $12,000. Wow. I wonder if purchased FSD will go down now??
  14. jf64k

    Screen print of the premium accessories with Foundation Series- Anybody missing items on delivery day?

    There was another thread where the owner was told the D-rings are being redesigned and that's why they're not being shipped with FS trucks. IIRC, the SC put the four (4) d-rings on a Due Bill for later.