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  1. 96Kopper02

    340 Cybertrucks spotted at Giga Texas today 4/15/24

    Everything I’ve heard says there is a 1 week hold on deliveries (not production) until they redesign it. Apparently the cover on the accelerator pedal can come off and cause it to stick in the full down position. Haven’t heard anything ‘official’ from Tesla (No PR department) and don’t expect...
  2. 96Kopper02

    Maryland VIN Assigned (CyberBeast) [Non-VIP/Influencer/Stock/Referral Points/etc.]

    Congrats. And you are not just a regular dude, you are a dude with a soon to be Cyberbeast!
  3. 96Kopper02

    My non-wrap DIY fingerprint solution!

    That’s one way to do it. Have you heard of Protectaclear?
  4. 96Kopper02

    Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    Regardless of how this happened (either the turn was taken too fast and you lost control or the brakes did fail) I believe you this is the pole you hit. There is a chunk of the lightbar on the ground that matches the chunk taken out of the truck. You must have been up on the sidewalk to hit the...
  5. 96Kopper02

    Braking power

    I don’t have my truck yet but this is something Kyle from Out of Spec has mentioned as well. Hard to get nearly 7,000 pounds of mass to stop from high speed.
  6. 96Kopper02

    Two Tone Wrap (Black & White) Cybertruck!

    Definitely different. Not diggin it but to each his/her own.
  7. 96Kopper02


    Thanks for the impressions. I did see a video posted today on YouTube by everyday Chris that went through cleaning and repairing scratches and smudges that I think is useful.
  8. 96Kopper02


    Congrats! Looks good in the garage. Need the last 4 of the VIN, first 5 of the Rez, location, length of time from order to vin, more impressions…you know the usual. ;)
  9. 96Kopper02

    New T-Shirt Design!

    Cool but I prefer the DeLorean plus the Batmobile = Cybertruck
  10. 96Kopper02

    Unorthodox thinking

    Your wife is right. I found your post very entertaining. Sorry about the tire. Wish I could say it’s never happened to me.
  11. 96Kopper02

    First full UPPF wrap in Chrome Steel!

    It’s shiny! I wasn’t planning on wrapping until I saw yours. Please post more pics when you have time.
  12. 96Kopper02

    First full UPPF wrap in Chrome Steel!

    Maybe it’s just my phone or my old eyes but honestly I can’t really see it because it’s so dark. Do you have some more pictures of it out in the sunlight?
  13. 96Kopper02

    Just got my delivery date

    Congratulations! May have two sleepless nights ahead of you. Dual or tri?
  14. 96Kopper02

    Got flipped the bird on the road

    He’s just saying “you are number 1!”