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  1. mrbulk

    CyberBEASTS Being Delivered…

    …according to this FB post.
  2. mrbulk

    Can the Hitch Cover Be Raised/Removed…

    …to steepen CT’s departure angle? (title amended because it was pointedly made clear that it is specifically NOT the drain tub but the hitch cover). Reason is I just watched the Denniscw YT clip where they drove a CT and a Rivian up the steeply angled concrete wall of a drainage wash. The...
  3. mrbulk

    How To Change Tire Type On FS Order?

    What if you want all-season street tires on the FS vs. all-terrain? Think we can request a substitution? I readily admit I will be using my Beast mostly as a lifestyle truck, meaning nearly never gonna off-road unless I find myself in an unforeseen situation.
  4. mrbulk

    Behind-Screen Accessory Storage w/Cybertruck Logo

    Was gonna order this since - although it is made for Model Y and will fit ours regardless - there is a Cybertruck profile cast into it, perhaps it might fit behind the CT's screen as well?
  5. mrbulk

    Exactly Which “Premium Accessories” Anyway?

    It says on my order agreement “Premium Accessories - Included”, but I got to wondering egg Zachary which ones does that mean? D rings? Bottle opener? What else? So I poked around on the Tesla Shop page and whenever I clicked on certain accessories to get the details, like the D-rings and the...
  6. mrbulk

    Even Higher Beams

    Just ordered the CyBeast and realized it comes standard with the overhead light bar. If it really does throw light 525 yards into the distance then I can imagine how much better a long nighttime drive on a deserted road would be. And you know how sometimes people flash you because of the...
  7. mrbulk

    Base Cybertruck Cheaper Now Than In 2019

    Is my train of thought wrong here? Just doing the rough math and adding in the $7500 tax credit (which did not exist in 2019) to the then-$40,000 price to make it an apples-to-apples comparison, the base Cybertruck would be $47,500: Price Today $61,000 - Tax Cred $7500 Actual Price $53,500 -...
  8. mrbulk

    A Song For When You're Between Teslas

    Last month the lease ended on the 2018 Model S75D I had been driving for the past three years. Hands down the best car I've ever had, and being a hot rodder type most of my life I've had quite a lot of them. Yet I'm approx. 43,000 on the CT list, so no Tesla truck for quite a while. So yes I...
  9. mrbulk

    CT Grille Decals?

    Although not for me, maybe this could be a look some owners might go for, and probably cheap enough if you don't like it, to peel off and try something else. Might have to be more squared off though, but I don't have any of those editing skills.
  10. mrbulk

    CT Motorized Solar Panels

    . . Saw this on the web, hoping it's true or at least very similar... Hey Elon, have you seen this ???
  11. mrbulk

    Airless Tires For Offroad?

    Saw the idea years ago, but now it looks like this recent video shows Michelin and General Tire partnering up to really make THIS. Would seem ideal for offroading with no issue of flats - dependent on how durable the tech turns out to be.
  12. mrbulk

    What Can A Cybertruck NOT Do?

    There are many posts about what the CT can do, like go camping, load up most anything, out accelerate a Porsche, etc. But is there anything a Cybertruck CANNOT do? I'll start: Park in a Compact Stall :cool: