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  1. What are teenagers problems with Cybertruck?

    Realize that as Teen agers they are all searching for something - it’s just a part of their psyche. They get adrenaline rushes when they act out and hopefully get their friends to show approval. It has much less to do with the Cybertruck than it does with them. Have you also noticed a good...
  2. It Delivers!!!!

    Twenty years in Houston and so many trips to La. And New Orleans to count. I miss the south for the food and people.
  3. It Delivers!!!!

    I hope you get the full treatment. There’s nothing quite like southern hospitality- maybe they will fill the back storage with ice and some Lone Star beer. Be fun to have a truck full of ice and beer for a true crawfish boil. 👍🏻 It’s the AWD, we drove around all day in chill mode, just to...
  4. It Delivers!!!!

    Well this is LA, so it’s showtime. I tried to post videos - but the site can’t take the download. Truly a life moment for me. 🤗🤗
  5. It Delivers!!!!

    Ultimately you are correct- however it’s a blast to get there.
  6. It Delivers!!!!

    -drove to the SC in Marina Del Ray…. Was greeted by a fantastic Tesla team. - said goodbye to my old friend “Apple”, my 2016 Red Tesla X. Great car and enjoyed her. -took a test drive for the Tesla team to show off the FSD, (I’m now a confirmed convert!!!!) - the Tesla team escorted my husband...
  7. Unplugged Performance transforms Cybertruck w/ 22" Cybrhex wheels, 35" BFG KO2 tires, digi-camo wrap

    exactly where I'm at- picking mine up in 32 hours.... tick tick tick....
  8. PICK UP date : 4/12/24 Any Advice for first day!

    My Truck is on Site. I was tracking it with some intel from the SC. It arrived last night. It is available to pick up on Thursday, but wanted to have the full day to play with it..... BUT this is Tesla, stranger things have happened...
  9. PICK UP date : 4/12/24 Any Advice for first day!

    Taking the Day off from work, so will be riding all over LA.... Suggestions and lessons learned from other folks who have received delivery? First stop will probably be TSportline for a consult.......
  10. JUST CHECKED - I have a VIN.

    DELIVERY SCHEDULED...... Friday at 10:00 AM... 71 days from Configuration and 12 days from VIN..
  11. CyberBEAST Garage FIT TEST! Does it REALLY fit a 20' Standard Garage?

    I took red Duct Tape and placed across the entire with of the garage. The back the of the tape is the “Clear” edge. When you park quickly hit R and the camera will give you a view in the camera. Adjust accordingly. It’s an easy way to keep clear.
  12. Bar Keepers Friend changed my Cybertruck's finish!

    what is the word on cleaning the hard plastic pieces, like the fender trim and bumpers..... Any solutions to keep them looking good?
  13. Cybertruck OWNERS List & Stats [Add Yours]! ✍🏻

    Call the Long Beach Service Center. A woman named Star helped me. be Super Sweet, and they can look it up. Mine is in transit and scheduled arrive next week. (The trains have to slow down in Tucson. LOLOL) VIN showed up on the 30th.... (10 Days??)
  14. Cybertruck OWNERS List & Stats [Add Yours]! ✍🏻

    My VIN showed up on Saturday night, and no communication. Yesterday I phoned the SC, and talked a lovely young lady named "Star" who laughed when I started the conversation, "I am going to be one of those crazy people who have been calling you"........ I gave her my RN, and confirmed some...
  15. JUST CHECKED - I have a VIN.

    Just found out my CT will arrive at the SC on the 9th.. pick up will be on the 12th... tic toc........
  16. JUST CHECKED - I have a VIN.

    AWD - Just called the SC and talked to a sweet lady - who understood my situation... I said - I am one of those crazy dudes.... I got a VIN but no info... she looked me up and told me that my CT would arrive on the 9th, and be ready on the 10th or 11th.. I'm taking friday off and...
  17. PPF Wrap - Aura Diamond Nebula Green Blue Purple

    Beautiful job, and design. It looks like a japanese beetle. totally an eye catcher. congrats to you. I'm looking at a two tone situation for mine.
  18. Gloss Black PPF wrap + 22" Wheels + Alcantara Interior

    thanks for your post.. super inspiring. I'm receiving my CT on the 12th. Already reached out to TSportline, about wrap and tint. looking at a two tone, version. Inozetek- Metallic Super gloss Mocha on the bottom and super gloss black on the top. I Can't Wait.........
  19. It's been three days....

    Confirmed with the Tesla SC. My CT arrives April 9th, so likely my pick up will be on the 12th.... Whew!!!! I can breathe now.. no more Teslamystery...
  20. Missed Delivery Window - What’s Next?

    Well generally if you can drop 250K for essentially a weekender car. You won’t miss it while you wait. Lolol