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  1. flyinglow

    Shareholders, would you vote to reinstate Elon's pay package

    Musk is hurting sales and Tesla reputation/driving away customers. At best, between X and SpaceX, Tesla gets a third of his time. These days he seems to be under the influence of something that is affecting his judgement. Past performance aside/all credit due him, it is hard to justify that kind...
  2. flyinglow

    The Foundation Series must be done if Tesla is cutting back Cybertruck production

    Tesla is not unionized at the moment. This is just Tesla cutting hours to save money. Since most of the assembly processes are time controlled, this is going to reduce CT output.
  3. flyinglow

    Almost Two Hours From 3 - 100 For First Time Charging At 250 KW SuperCharger Station.

    %; Check out this comparison of charging curves developed by Out of Spec. Click to select only trucks. As of now, the CT charging curve nose dives after about 29% state of charge. The Out of Spec people have a CyberBeast and have developed a charging procedure for the shortest time to cover...
  4. flyinglow

    Fixing 50 cal bullet hole in Cybertruck, then vinyl wrapping it

    JerryRig gives us probably the most entertaining videos even if they aren't always applicable to how we use our vehicles.
  5. flyinglow

    Interior window cleaning recommendation (+ reason for the haze / hazy glass)

    Any vehicle will have the same problem. I think it is exaggerated by the slope of the windshield. In my experience, it never completely goes away (makes you wonder what we are breathing). You notice it more when it is colder and you are defrosting the windshield.
  6. flyinglow

    TFL on Tesla's Cybertruck cutting line shenanigans

    The TFLTruck guys have given rave reviews to the Silverado EV 4WT after towing with it in the Rockies and range testing it while towing. They've had a lot of positives to say about the Lightning as well. They were willing to cough up 100 grand for a CT and probably take a big hit on depreciation...
  7. flyinglow

    TFL on Tesla's Cybertruck cutting line shenanigans

    Not sure that is what is actually in play here but we'll just have to let everything play out and see what happens. I am a non-Tesla owner who is interested in the CT for its innovation and feature set. FS and the screwing around with reservations annoys me a lot (as does what comes out of...
  8. flyinglow

    TFL on Tesla's Cybertruck cutting line shenanigans

    What Tesla needs to be concerned about is that this is a reflection of what people who are not Tesla fanatics are thinking. The CT could bring a lot of new customers to Tesla but this is driving them away. If you are waiting for a CT, I suppose it would be good news for your personally if...
  9. flyinglow

    Highest Reservation to receive VIN

    Note the "not in TX/CA/FL". Tesla is pissing off people who aren't Tesla fanatics and may not have the patience to be ignored.
  10. flyinglow

    Ford's targeted rebates will give current Tesla owners $1,500 toward the purchase of a new F-150 Lightning EV or Mustang Mach-E.

    As a former "marketing guy", this is a no-brainer. Ford might get a sale they otherwise wouldn't. Even if not, they got some free publicity. Given the frustrations of some CT reservation holders (such as TFLTruck), who knows, they might sell a few Lightings. As the saying goes: "Can't hurt".
  11. flyinglow

    Underneath the Cybertruck - Rear Cradle and EDM (Monro Live Teardown)

    It had the rear motors and differentials. They didn't open them up yet.
  12. flyinglow

    Cybertruck V2 Range 500-640 Confirmed Possible - Battery Compartment Space

    Kyle at Out of Spec has actually gotten the CT to charge at 330 kW on a CCS 350 kW charger. However, not for long enough to make a difference. If Tesla could get the CT to charge at 250 kW out to 60-70% SOC, the truck would at least be a lot more usable. If you've watched his videos, his...
  13. flyinglow

    Cybertruck V2 Range 500-640 Confirmed Possible - Battery Compartment Space

    This all looks like wishful thinking to me. The extra space isn't enough for another layer of batteries. Might be used if they changed to a taller battery but that would probably involve massive tooling changes to the battery line. Maybe Munro will speculate on that. IF they fatten up the CT...
  14. flyinglow

    Pulling RV - Not good!

    A Silverado EV with the biggest battery pack can tow 200-250 miles. Out of Spec went across the Rockies in Colorado twice towing 10k lb trailer (out and back - reasonable aero since it was a flatbed with a model 3 on it) only charging at either end of the trip. It isn't as efficient as a CT but...
  15. flyinglow

    CyberBEAST Garage FIT TEST! Does it REALLY fit a 20' Standard Garage?

    Use something like this to keep from hitting the garage wall and consistently getting in as far as you need to...
  16. flyinglow

    Nem 2.0 solar with powershare

    NEM3, as you are aware, screws solar owners by reducing what we are paid/credited for our solar production. At the moment, from what PG&E recently told me, those on NEM3 are still being credited at NEM2 rates because NEM3 details haven't been finalized. This article states that "Solar owners...
  17. flyinglow

    Chevrolet leading EV range this year

    My primary point was that, as consumers, it is nice to have choices. Each truck has aspects I like and, in the end, I - like everyone else - will purchase based on practical, emotional and financial decisions. I am not getting commissions from selling either one so I have no skin in the game as...
  18. flyinglow

    Chevrolet leading EV range this year

    CT is wonderfully innovative but the Silverado EV, if you watch all the various videos, looks to be a more usable truck. The consumer version has lots of nice features like the folding midgate that allows up to 10' 10" loads and a much bigger frunk. The CT's driving dynamics are probably...
  19. flyinglow

    Braking power

    I have actually suggested to Kyle Connor at Out of Spec that brake tests should be part of what he does. His subjective comments about the CT's disk brakes are concerning. It would be nice to see objective data. The other concern he raised was the CT loosing regen on long downgrades, even when...
  20. flyinglow

    Some observations from conventional pickup truck owners

    Ford surveyed Lighting buyers and found they did more "truck" things with theirs than most ICE F150 owners. As you point out, the CT is a useful truck as long as you don't need range or tow heavy trailers. Not sure what it would do snow plowing, assuming you could actually install the blade...