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  1. M0unt41nm4n

    First Colorado Cyberbeast Delivered

    Of course to a celebrity… Shedeur Sanders Coach Prime’s son and CU Buffs QB): Maybe us normal folk will be next!
  2. M0unt41nm4n

    Colorado update on CyberBeast deliveries

    I just got off the phone with a Colorado Tesla rep and asked about the delivery estimates as I had Feb-Apr and wanted to see if that is still on. He read me a memo from corporate that he just got and it said nothing before June. He said expect CB deliveries will start in Colorado in June and...
  3. M0unt41nm4n

    Sales tax on orders incorrect? (CO residents READ!)

    I just checked my order documentation through the app and I noticed a huge delta in what Tesla is claiming on the sales tax for my location. My county (La Plata, CO) states they only take 2.9% sales tax on vehicles (the state amount) and will only add in the country tax of 2% more (4.9% total)...
  4. M0unt41nm4n

    1/23 Waiting Room

    Figured it was time to start one of these for this order date. RN11285 and ordered a Cyberbeast. Got the Powershare survey and filled it out on 1/26. No VIN and was shown Feb-Apr 24. Southwest Colorado based. Pickup in Gypsum, CO but noticed @Jethro from Boulder is getting his (as per...
  5. M0unt41nm4n

    Delivery fee waived for pickup?

    In the past, when I have ordered my Ford trucks, they have been open to waving the delivery fee if I pick it up from the manufacturer (Kentucky or Detroit depending on which truck I bought). Has anyone asked Tesla if they can wave the delivery fee to pick it up from Austin? I figured getting...