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    Cybertruck Delivery Hold Until April 23 -- Tesla Dealership Associate

    Totally agree. Getting communication or a real person is like ripping your fingernails out. Then when you speak to them, it’s “Oh we have no idea when/what etc”. Someone has to know. Starlink runs the same way, only worse. Try finding a phone for them for support. The only way I have...
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    ~915 Cybertrucks spotted at Giga Texas today 4/16/24 due to delivery hold (for accelerator pedal issue)

    Here is how they are assigned. There is a guy who decides and chooses….he says “I’ll choose that one”. Wait I have video…
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    3700 Mile Coast to Coast Road Trip With Numbers

    Dang… 4K miles on that trip. You are almost due for your first oil change… oh wait…
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    Colorado Springs - FS AWD Just paid deposit. Am I the 1st?

    Nope. That’s not the Innovative Truck Credit. That’s the Innovative Motorvehicle credit. The Innovative Truck credit has no msrp limits. See description of line 5: Point to note… the 5K is for 2024 only. It goes down each...
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    Cybertruck Silhouette - Body Logo

    Use Adobe Illustrator. It has a trace image function that will create a vector based graphic based on an image. It works fantastic. I have used it in company logos and it comes out perfect. Some times you have to tweak the settings a little… but the end result is usually exactly what you wanted.
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    Canceling my reservation

    Just a FYI… different trucks have different rides. My RAM 3500 Dually and Ford F350 feel like a Cadillac … my F150 rides like a sports car and is smooth as silk. My Gladiator… that feels like a truck… it’s rocky and you really feel the road with it … feel every little bump. The Gladiator would...
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    My CyberTruck is finally fixed: Cost & Timeline revealed

    Right. I think it’s true for most states that if it’s a totaled car, it’s issued a salvage title and normal accidents aren’t on the title itself. I was commenting on car fax because it seemed that the OP was more concerned about the value and my read so far on the thread was he didn’t want the...
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    My CyberTruck is finally fixed: Cost & Timeline revealed

    Your carfax will have that if you had an accident. It’s attached to the vin. I guarantee you the carfax is populated in Washington especially since they claim all 50 states and DC: That said, a small fender bender listed won’t hurt the value...
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    Has anyone found 12V in the rearview mirror pod?

    you didn’t read that other thread, did ya? I think @Crissa has me on ignore 🤣🤣
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    12 Volts DC - Available in cabin?

    Yep… it’s line of sight. The higher the frequency, the more direct view it needs. High gigahertz can penetrate glass but that tonneau cover will likely block it. Some radar detectors have remote sensors you can plug in. If you look at Uniden R7/8/9 they have long range capabilities and you...
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    So something is wrong in Austin ... CyberTruck backlog

    Haha… I’m one of those guys. I tow with mine… but I park far away when I go shopping so I don’t get dings on my vehicle. When I traded in my RAM 3500 Dually, the sales manager said “Congratulations… that’s the cleanest 10yo truck I have seen. Not a single ding on it.”
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    CyberBEAST professionally tracked by Craig Coker from Unplugged Performance -- POV & review / takeaways

    Damn… you are really making me Jones for my CB. Now I’m gonna be checking my app 28 times a day instead of 10.
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    So something is wrong in Austin ... CyberTruck backlog

    Yep. Many states have laws protecting “dealerships” from out of state sales to under cut local dealerships. Tesla had to do a lot of bobbing and weaving to get away with having direct sales allowed. In fact in New Mexico, the laws are so strict, they had to put Tesla facilities on Native...
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    Has anyone found 12V in the rearview mirror pod?

    There is a thread you can search for that went over this and a member found 12v up there. He had pictures and shows you what he tapped into. He runs his Uniden detector off of it. Update: Here it is… info is on page 3...
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    Gross Vehicle Weight Rating - CT is 9169 lbs.
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    Nope. Not for Trucks... only cars and SUVs under the Innovative Motor Vehicle Credit. They removed the MSRP for trucks because they are pricey and it is part of the Innovative Truck Credit: We are in...
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    Oh... one more tip. When you go in for registration at Douglas county, they may try to charge you for the delta. You need to be very clear to them that you bought in Aurora and the tax is correct. Sometimes the counties think you bought it locally or they try to get the full amount. You need...
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    Thats great news! Hopefully that saved you some sales tax that you can put back in your pocket. Yeah... the rebate is $5k! I will be interested in hearing from you guys to see if Tesla knocks that off the price or if you need to file for the credit when you do you 2024 taxes. This is double...
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