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  1. Are you buying Tesla Accessories?

    I'm hoping to use the truck to take me to trailheads that require driving down lots of forest service roads. So in addition to things like Tint, which I do on all my cars. Spare tire Chains Compressor Electric chainsaw (we come across fallen trees from time to time) Track matts Would like to...
  2. FSD is supposed to be: "this is the weekend"?

    My wife who just got the v12 update (2024.3.6) had 2024.2.7 yesterday. She has HW4 (Model Y purchased at the end of last year), while I have HW3 (2024.2.7) waiting for the update. I'll be patient since I can just steal her car. :cool:
  3. FSD is supposed to be: "this is the weekend"?

    Well guess who is going to drive the wife's car to breakfast tomorrow morning? She's too chicken to try it herself and I've been waiting to give v12 a try.
  4. FSD is supposed to be: "this is the weekend"?

    My wife's car which doesn't have paid FSD got the update this morning and now has free FSD until April 30th. My car, which I paid for FSD, hasn't gotten the update yet.
  5. HF, VHF/UHF antenna (for HAM radio) install on my Cybertruck, works really well! 📶

    Or perhaps just a simple solid state power supply plugged into one of the AC outlets inside the Cybertruck?