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  1. countryboy

    Another 3D printed wheel hub cap cover thing

    I started working on this a while ago as an alternative to nut caps, but someone else beat me to it because I didn't have a truck to test on. After a few days playing around, here is my current missing wheel covers solution. Created in Tinkercad using a simple heptagon cone so the edge is...
  2. countryboy

    Finally in the Cybertruck Club! TLDR: AMAZING, GET ONE!

    TLDR-YES! AMAZING!! GET ONE!!! So amazing I slacked off writing this for a few days... When invited to buy FS (accidental extra RN) it was a mix of excitement and frustration-glad it was finally my turn, but what about... 500 miles? No HVAC in bed or pass thru? A lot more money? My locked in...