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  1. Cyber_Dav

    Robotaxis - won't they be trashed?

    Several folks on here talk about putting their Cybertruck on Robotaxi duty. There's no supervision other than a camera. Won't these vehicles be trashed? I don't care for traveling by bus because they are usually rundown (does not apply to private tour buses). Getting paid for otherwise idle...
  2. Cyber_Dav

    Telling vehicle when / how much to charge

    Tesla owners: can you tell the vehicle when to start charging? Can you tell it the percent full where you want it to stop? I don't drive everyday, so there is no reason to keep it constantly topped off. I've heard (is this still true?) that lithium batteries prefer to kept at 80% instead of...
  3. Cyber_Dav

    Reservations as Christmas presents?

    In another thread discussing reservation deposit amounts the discussion turned to "if Cybertruck was only $100 in order to boost reservation numbers, how many more would there have been if they were $10?" I instantly thought, "At $10 refundable my Christmas shopping would be done! Everybody on...
  4. Cyber_Dav

    If this truck's arockin'

    New meaning of the term CyberSex? :oops: (Is this allowed to be said here?)
  5. Cyber_Dav

    What electrical panel work might we need?

    For myself, I have a 200 amp service. But with 60 amps just for A/C I'm pretty well maxed out. I've only had level 2 at home before (max 32 amps, so it shared the 40 amp welder circuit). I want to budget for upgrades to the electrical. What do current Tesla owners have for their service...
  6. Cyber_Dav

    Custom vanity license plate for your Cybertruck?

    I'm in Calfornia. So is Tesla. Surprise, CYBRTRK is already taken. So is CYBER. So, since I expect to take delivery in 2021, I settled on 21 CYBR. Just bought it online from CA DMV. What are you going to get (or got already)?
  7. Cyber_Dav

    Tesla RN number... Cybertruck only, or any Tesla?

    I just recently saw a post on another forum that stated the RN (reservation number) includes not only the Cybertruck, but any reservable Tesla. That would include the Y and semi, maybe others. Does anyone know if this is the case?
  8. Cyber_Dav

    What is the gender of the intended primary driver?

    Just curious how many women are buying for themselves as primary driver. "Other?" in the poll refers to plants (using FSD, of course) or space aliens, or maybe rocks...