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  1. Old Spice

    New Autopark system released by Tesla

    New auto parking system has been released for vision-only Teslas. Looks great in action!
  2. Old Spice

    Cybertruck referral program award (to accelerate delivery) for 30K credits -- 3/21/24

    Tesla has reintroduced the Cybertruck referral program award! "Be invited to configure and take delivery of a Foundation Series AWD or Cyberbeast within 45 days of redemption."
  3. Old Spice

    Tested: Cybertruck's Closed Tonneau Adds 25 Miles of Range at 75 MPH (by Car and Driver)

    25 miles wow that surprised me. 10% less consumption with tonneau closed. Tesla Cybertruck's Closed Tonneau Adds 25 Miles of Range at 75 MPH We tested the Cybertruck Beast with its roll-top bed cover open and closed at 75 mph and saw 10 percent less consumption when closed...
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    Tinted DRL light bar strip

  5. Old Spice

    CyberBeast performance test review: 250 mi range @ 75mph, 0-60 2.6 sec, 1/4 mi in 11.0 sec, skidpad 0.75g (Car and Driver)

    Read the full review article: 2024 Tesla Cybertruck Beast Tested: Space Truckin' Questioning reality in the quickest pickup on the planet. Instrumented test / range results:
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    Edmunds EV Truck Battle: Cybertruck vs. Lightning vs. R1T

    Article: Video:
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    Cybertruck Track Tested in Baja Mode (After Towing Plaid Race Car 'Dark Helmet') -- Unplugged Performance

    Video Description: We are determined to showcase the versatility and capability of the Tesla Cybertruck. Equipped with UP INVINCIBLE Carbon Fiber Fender Flares and 22" UP CYBRHEX Forged Wheels wrapped in 35x12.50 BFG KO2 All-Terrain tires, we loaded the Cybertruck up with 9,000 lbs (~5,000lbs...
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    Cybertruck gets first major OTA software update (2024.2.3) -- Release Notes

    Highlights of software update 2024.2.3 - Improved Ride & Handling: - More Efficient DC Charging - Custom Lock Sounds - Reminder to Plug In At Home - Apple Podcasts - Automatic 911 Calls - More Cameras in Live View - Automatic Blind Spot Camera Red Shading - Trip Planner for Mobile App...
  9. Old Spice

    Cybertruck arrives in Japan! On tour from Feb. 6 - 29th

    Tesla Japan has announced that the Cybertruck will be on tour in Japan from Feb 6-29. Announcement: Translation: The Cybertruck is said to be compatible with all planets, with design and performance that amazes people around the world. Featuring...
  10. Old Spice

    Cybertruck tows 10k lbs of recycled batteries

    Cybertruck, quite literally, driving circularity! We had some fun putting the Cybertruck to work hauling 10,000 lbs of recycled nickel and lithium products from our NV Battery Materials Campus. Our team is inventing and building the US battery supply chain one process and machine at a time...
  11. Old Spice

    Cybertruck is @ Washington DC Auto Show from Jan 19-28

    Cybertruck will be on display at the DC Auto Show 1/19-1/28