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  1. Art O'Connor

    For you guys waiting for your CT, you can build your own, right now!
  2. Art O'Connor

    Account information

    In my Tesla account, it shows my reservation number, but noting about what I reserved. Dual, Cyber Beast, Tri, Quad, etc. How do I get that information from Tesla? Other stuff in my account shows the accessories I ordered (shirts, socks, etc,). 3rd party sites are able to translate my RN into...
  3. Art O'Connor

    Trailering with Cybertruck?

    So, the Quad motor is supposed to have the capability to tow 14,000 lbs. That seemed like a lot to me until I started weighing my rig. Now, I have a Silverado K2500 HD, weighting 6,000 lbs. My 16 ft. PJ dump trailer weights 4,800 lbs. If I load the trailer to 6 inches below the rails with Type 2...
  4. Art O'Connor

    First reservation (after Elon) is for Jerome Guillen?

    Supposedly the first reservation (after Elon) is for Jerome Guillen, a retired Tesla executive. He lives in Reno, Nevada. I live nearby and will let you guys know when I spot the beast. The agent at the local Tesla store is supposed to notify me when it arrives, too.
  5. Art O'Connor

    Consumer Reports on Cybertruck

    Love CR's prices! But fall asleep before you dream ...
  6. Art O'Connor

    Yoke vs. steering wheel

    Why a yoke? lots of negative chatter about the yoke. Let's think about the old standard steering wheel. Where is the air bag? That's right - in the middle of the wheel under the horn button. Say you have your hands at the 2 and 10 positions previously recommended. You get into a front collision...