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  1. Dids

    Emergency Broadcast / Disaster siren

    Should Tesla add it's cars to the emergency broadcast system? Have the cars emit siren / emergency tones? Since cell operators already broadcast to modems in the area and Tesla's have modems that are always on, maybe Tesla could sound siren when a tornado or earthquake alert is broadcast. Tesla...
  2. Dids

    Robotaxi is an aircraft IMO

    There are several clues that point toward robotaxi being an aircraft. 1. Elon said... several years ago that Tesla would love to do an aircraft. But that battery energy density didn't meet requirements. His metric at the time was 400 wh/kg. Tesla 4860 analyzed by the limiting factor was in the...
  3. Dids

    National News

    Saw this meantioned on ABC this morning by George Stephanopoulos. It's another FUD because reporting that the car was stuck at 83 isn't really true considering steering and brakes worked fine. Now I want to...
  4. Dids

    Electric motors in cybertruck

    Very interesting article.
  5. Dids

    FSD / Autopilot safety vs liberty

    Someday soon... FSD / autopilot will be better than the average driver. It will decrease accidents overall. Should you be allowed to turn it off?
  6. Dids

    Screaming into the Cyber void

    I want my cybertruck now. I do not want to wait. Gimme gimme gimme. Ahhhhhhrrrrrgggg.
  7. Dids

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