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  1. flowerlandfilms

    I got a CyberSpoon...
  2. flowerlandfilms

    Insane Technology Bandwagon - The Font!

    Let's start this with a graphic illustration shall we? I have completed the glyph set from the Cybertruck logo and made them into a font people can use. I have named the font, "INSANE TECHNOLOGY BANDWAGON". Using the 6 letters available (C, Y, B, R, T, K), I have extrapolated something which...
  3. flowerlandfilms

    Samsung Buses at GigaTexas?

    Seen today in Jeff Roberts video. If these are Samsung employees or visiting guests and not just truck ads (possible), and since they have the contract for manufacturing Cybertruck cameras, this may bode well.
  4. flowerlandfilms

    Cybertruck Purchase Savings Progress

    I am a humble part-time Postman in a regional town. My ability to afford the Cybertruck, is questionable. But my Pre-Order is also quite far down the list, so there is hope. I made this chart to keep track of my progress. My savings are all held in Tesla Stock. This is how much I have saved so...