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  1. Employee Parking

    with all the work that is being done where trailers and material used to be, where the thought to be Cathode building was going to be, where in the hell are the employees going to park?.......that property is sooo would have to walk a mile or so just to get o the building?.....maybe...
  2. Batteries for the GIGA Texas newly released Model Y

    Just curious.....what type battery is being put into the new Model Y's we just saw being rolled out this week? If 4680s, thats great....Does anybody know?
  3. Battery for the Giga Texas Model Y - not starting with 4680?

    I have heard that the Model Y at Giga Texas will not start with the 4680 battery and it will be year or two before that happens ......that all Texas start-up production for Y's will be this true?
  4. Expected Mileage for CyberTruck and Model Y

    we have heard the stories about the type of battery that might go into the Model Y and CyberTruck......I read also about all the cost of charging......but what I am really interested in is the range of each type.....I am not so sure the new giga Texas plant will be able to put the new battery in...
  5. Battery percentage color

    You can now switch between battery percentage and distance units by tapping the range display next to the battery icon. However, the notes show the battery color as "green".......My 2019 Model 3 shows the battery as "grey".....I like the feature but the grey version is awful and sometime hard...
  6. FSD Missing from my Account

    Maybe I am somewhat nervous about all the changes going on with the CyberTruck page of my account, but I was looking at it today and noticed that the FSD was missing......I purchased on reveal night and I have a reservation number of 46.160.....With FSD missing, does that mean Tesla has...
  7. TMC Web Site Down

    I know this may be off topic, but has anyone else gone to the site and come up empty....I dont seem to be able to bring it up....seems like it just disappeared......any thoughts or experiences? thanks