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  1. Cyber_Dav

    Nobody noticed payload was reduced by 1000lb?

    I didn't know hail was categorized similar to hurricanes. Fine print says hail proof to category 4. What category are softball size Texas hail, anyone know?
  2. Cyber_Dav

    Well that was weird…

    Makes me wonder what went wrong that we'll never hear about.
  3. Cyber_Dav

    Share your “Plan B” if the CT is priced in the stratosphere

    My plan B is a Kia EV9 (assuming it isn't priced astronomically, too). I currently have two Sienna minivans (his & hers) so this will be the closest to what I have, but BEV. Plan C could be a Model Y, I just don't like sedans.
  4. Cyber_Dav

    🎬 Onboard video! Cybertruck Off-Road Filming... Rear Screen spotted 👍

    Until today we didn't know the CT was going to come standard with 3 guys in the back seat. That's a pretty big deal! ;)
  5. Cyber_Dav

    Resale value at launch

    Easy answer, look at what happened to Ford EV F150. For the first 2 to 3 months they went for up to 25,000 over list. At 3 months they resold at list. At 4 months they were piling up on dealer lots. If you plan to scalp yours, do it fast. (edit to add before someone else points it out: this...
  6. Cyber_Dav

    The great fingerprints conundrum

    I get fingerprints on my SS refrigerator. I clean them off. Not a big deal. Getting all the panels to look like they match? I think that will be a much bigger issue.
  7. Cyber_Dav

    First Day Orders -- what's the date of email with your reservation number?

    Ordered about 30 seconds after page opened so Prime8 beat me by 2 seconds!
  8. Cyber_Dav

    Custom vanity license plate for your Cybertruck?

    Ha ha ha! No, it didn't. By the time the plates arrived at the DMV office it was too late already. I never picked them up. Now I'm getting a Lightning to tide me over, so need something more EV generic. ;)
  9. Cyber_Dav

    What percentage of pre-orders will actually buy?

    Can you? Won't you lose all the controls and the airbag? Is a 3/Y round wheel compatible? I doubt this is really a realistic modification. Just my opinion.
  10. Cyber_Dav

    Cybertruck Cabin Facing Camera?

    Except true FSD won't need it, since no one needs to be paying attention. And if you are "sleeping it off" in the rear seat, the camera can't see you.
  11. Cyber_Dav

    Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    I believe it is $1,200. But either way, yes, they will still charge the fee.
  12. Cyber_Dav

    Charging Rivian .v. Tesla Maps

    But Rivian said in the announcement before end of 2023. Even if that wasn't reported.
  13. Cyber_Dav

    Tesla's Cybertruck factory @ Texas starting to show “cyberpunk” aesthetics

    FUD. How could they know? Tesla won't tell them. And there is no other source. :cautious:
  14. Cyber_Dav

    Cybertruck dashboard, wasted space?

    When doing the search for Tesla displays (post #33 above) I found just shy of a gazillion after market HUD displays. From cheap speed only, to full color everything displays. Just search for Tesla HUD display.
  15. Cyber_Dav

    Cybertruck dashboard, wasted space?

    Just did a search, there are lots on Amazon and eBay - mostly around $550. Here's just one example: Model 3/Y Digital Screen