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  1. Bill837

    Damn, where my Maryland folks at?

    SOMD in particular.... Way down next to St Marys City myself...
  2. Bill837

    Extreme closeups of Cybertruck prototype (with edge on shots of many body panels) -- video + photos

    Looks like most of the ones we see are pretty thick. Tailgates a bit fuzzy though. Following posted by /neurocaptain VIDEO: PHOTOS: Adding some close-up stills to go with an earlier video. Spotted in Sausalito, CA with TX plates. I'm sure build quality does not represent the final...
  3. Bill837

    4680 Battery Cells Storage system video shot inside Giga Austin.

    I dont see this posted anywhere else, but if it is, forgive me. How tall is Gigia Austin?
  4. Bill837

    Windshield wiper sweep examples

    All, please forgive me if this has been covered before, I'll delete if so. I've had this conversation a few time in other places. So this morning, I snapped a few pics while cruising through the Wal Mart parking lot. The standard for wipers breaks the windshield into three columns, and the one...
  5. Bill837

    Official Cybertruck X (Twitter) Account has been created (in July 2023) I'm told hat the gold check mark means its "official organization on X", whatever that means.