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  1. batlag

    February Order: "60-90 days out from VIN assignment"

    Called Tesla, again. Seems you can get different answers depending on whom you talk to. This time, she at least told me, given my February 6 order, that I'm likely about 60-90 days out from receiving my VIN. Which is well past the Feb-Apr delivery date that it had originally given me when...
  2. batlag

    VIN: What time of day do they update?

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has figured out what time of day (or even what particular day) VINs are usually posted/updated? I'm spending too much time refreshing my app multiple times per day! Maybe someone knows. It's probably a futile effort to be holding my breath like this. For some...
  3. batlag

    Fit and Finish Concerns — STILL

    Hey Friends, I’m excited as you are about CT. Can’t freaking wait. I am concerned about the build quality issues that we’re still seeing. That matte black one was sick!! (I’ll be getting mine in matte black). But you’d think that since Franz was the one driving it around, and that it’s such a...
  4. batlag

    Help get @greggertruck to the Delivery Event!

    Hey CT fans. I just saw some great humanity on Twitter. @TailosiveEV relinquishing his potential spot for the Delivery Event as @LamarMK's +1 to @greggertruck, because he's thankful for all the posting and such that @greggertruck has done. @LamarMK only needs one more referral credit. Can...
  5. batlag

    Two Cybertrucks seen LEAVING New Zealand Winter Testing!

    Per @NZ_Tim93 on X, two Cybertrucks were seen loaded up on a carrier and leaving the New Zealand facility, presumably bound for the US. Might this meant that Winter Testing is complete, and we're getting even closer to the Delivery Day event? So exciting! Now if we can just confirm that...