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  1. Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    Not sure why think no midgate? looks like a large hinge area at bottom of divider and difficult to see what that part is. Think one of the prototypes at Gigatexas event did have a midgate. Multiple prototypes.
  2. Is Cybertruck disposable?

    Here is an article based on a tweet from Elon for cast frame reparability:
  3. Is Cybertruck disposable?

    You calling my Ma a Stainless steel battle carrier??? :mad: or: "I just upgraded my Cybertruck to a tri-motor so I can tow YOUR MAMA around!" :p
  4. Is Cybertruck disposable?

    Expand state credit for purchasing an EV?
  5. Is Cybertruck disposable?

    Well, a new video from Monro says the battery pack will be VERY strong a "brick". Even saying if the car is hit by a train the battery section would probably bounce off and land in the ditch. haha gotta love that guy. Says will not puncture. 17:30 on timeline.
  6. Is Cybertruck disposable?

    Good point on recyclability. and In normal operation batteries are carefully maintained, probed and managed. Just wondering what would happen in the under-puncture scenario.
  7. Is Cybertruck disposable?

    Yes, that makes sense. The exoskeleton and structure of the CT will be much more resistant to damage then other trucks and if damage reaches the battery area or internal frame, then it's a very large impact and damaged beyond repair anyway. Hopefully cracked frame / battery puncture from below...
  8. Is Cybertruck disposable?

    Right, so If I damage or crack a small part of the molded internal frame, can that be repaired? Aluminum isn't as easy to weld as steel. Seems like once you need a new entire HALF of the frame to be replaced that isn't feasible. I guess the counter argument would be less moving parts / less...
  9. New Battery Range & Pack Architecture [Announced at Battery Day]

    Towing, My far fetched hope was maybe the stated ranges ARE towing ranges with the new battery tech.
  10. Osborne Effect

    Agreed. Think that was why the phrase "Million Mile Battery" was not spoken although obvious that milestone has arrived and no talk of new charging speeds although a graph did show that the tab-less cell has low heat production during charging.
  11. Is Cybertruck disposable?

    "You can have reliability or serviceability, Pick one, You can't have both." Sandy Monro. The above quote from Monro regarding the epoxied batteries in frame construction and the single front and rear castings have me wondering, Is the Cybertruck "totaled" if the frame or segment of the battery...
  12. Watch the Tesla Battery Day Livestream & Post Your Reactions Here

    I Hope so! Timeline doesn't quite match up?? 12-16 months for new cell production but Cybertruck starting production in 12? Maybe just doesn't want to say for Ozborne effect? Double range of CT or just less battery space needed for posted ranges?
  13. Rear passthrough possible

    Depends on how far it retracts, if it can be engineered to retract below the vault, a fordable pass-through possible. Maybe have to choose if want cover deployed or not before folding down seat backs. Think Tesla engineers can do it. Would be terrific for camping!
  14. Best Place to Mount an Air Horn

    Came to say same thing, if already have onboard compressor, lets get a cool train horn. Can't have a huge Cybertruck with a wimpy peep-peep standard horn, Elon! Options:
  15. Rear passthrough possible

    That's what 10? series stainless is for, no aluminum truck bed around here! Any human-sized pass-through is good, Okay, I won't be upset when it doesn't transform into "Cyber-boat".
  16. Rear passthrough possible

    Would be great for camping with internal access to cab video, lighting and climate controls. Cover would still be in track below bed level with track unobstructed in gap between rear seat and vault. Hope this can be engineered and watertight, go Tesla team!
  17. 3mm thick 30X stainless steel body panels / exoskeleton

    Unfortunately, Elon said in the Jay Leno clips that the door panels will be the "bullet proof" 3mm SS, makes me think that possibly other portions of the CT may NOT be such as the front end as a crumple zone. Wish the whole exoskeleton was this material!
  18. Custom vanity license plate for your Cybertruck?

    Got mine after "Cyb3r" Was rejected by the DMV. Had to put it on my C-max hybrid for now. (Get that ford logo off there ha) "995" is the license of the police spinner in Blade Runner"
  19. Musk on Cybertruck: It's better than people realize... they don’t have enough information to realize its awesomeness

    Hmm maybe that was it? Thought US but see it back to $7000 and $100. , but wow now I don't even see the Cybertruck page on their website? Maybe update page incoming?? Can still navigate via google but no cybertruck link off main page.