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  1. Poncho11

    Cybertruck production rate reportedly 60 trucks an hour (as of 12/1/23)

    There is only one line, I work maintenance at Toyota and I can assure you there is only one line. That being said I would expect SOP to start in a few weeks and ramp from 50 a week to 500 and then 1000 in the coming weeks and 500 a day @2 shifts the rest of the year.
  2. Poncho11


    Should I expect 2024 delivery? And 2028 delivery!
  3. Poncho11

    Dual motor vs Tri motor

    Just a thought, but im pretty sure the Tri motor Variant has the upgraded wheels (ones from the unveiling) and the duel motor has the rims without the wheel covers. Always wondered what the difference was at the factory outbound lot and this seems to make sense to me. IMO. Also now when you...