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  1. My Range Improved After Software Update 2024.8.7

    First drive after latest software update seems to have improved range. Usually when I start at 260 miles of range and drive 100 miles and I might show 140 remaining. Always uses more than 1mile per mile driven. Today I started at 260 miles of range, drove 105 miles and I’m showing a range of...
  2. 3000 Mile Range Test Completed & EPA Estimate Confirmed in my real world driving

    After over 3000 miles of driving since I took delivery on 2/14, I can confirm the Range estimate is accurate. FS AWD TONNEAU CLOSED 1-5 passengers CA temps 40-75 65% hwy posted speed limit up to 70 mph 35% city streets No wheel covers IF you drive 100% on city streets you can easily...
  3. Awesome range when practicing energy management -- range is as advertised or better in my Cybertruck

    After getting the CT on Wednesday, I can say the range is as advertised or better. Wh/m since my last charge and after driving nearly 200 miles of freeway/streets with 2000 foot Gaines on a 45 mile leg on the freeway and back down. This works out to 328 miles for a full pack which is more...
  4. Mileage at Delivery Seems High

    Picking up CT on Wednesday- reviewing agreement states mileage at 26. Is this normal? Seems kind of high for a vehicle that was never test droven by potential customers and is coming direct from factory.
  5. Interest Rates Dropping and my VIN ASSIGNED

    My rate of 6.69 expired today after 60 days but I reapplied because I have a VIN now and the truck should arrive at the delivery center in Marina Del Rey CA on 2-11. If your rate is expiring it looks like rates are coming down, new rate is 6.49.
  6. Why isn’t the Cybertruck on the Tesla trip planner yet?

    With the CT being delivered, why isn’t the CT on the Tesla trip planner? I have a 12/9 order and waiting for VIN. Would like to start seeing where I can go🤣
  7. "Prepare for Delivery" Email Received for RN11278xxxx (Cybertruck Foundation Series Cyberbeast AWD)! 😱

    Hello, I received "Prepare for Delivery" email at 5:00am this morning. This will be my first Tesla, Does anyone know what the time frame is from this point? Thanks. Reservation number: RN11278xxxx (reserved within first 5 minutes on concept reveal date - 11/21/19). I got the Foundation Edition...