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  1. Forum threads featured in NY Post Cybertruck article

    My dad just sent me this article, "Tesla’s Cybertrucks were ‘rushed out,’ are malfunctioning at astounding rate", which features threads from this forum I am now posting it here...
  2. What the heck happened to this Cybertruck?

    Grabbed off of Instagram, I have no idea wtf the guy is saying. I guess the Cybertruck is Bay Area-resistant but not Bay Area-proof.
  3. 1st Cybertruck teardown video! … and it’s not Sandy Munro (by Caresoft instead)

    "Caresoft has begun its benchmarking teardown of the Tesla Cybertruck and invited Autoline in to see the first stages of the process. Terry Woychowski, the president of the company, points out some of the highlights of the 4-wheel steer-by-wire system, the 48 volt connectors, the battery pack...
  4. Why aren't you accepting the Foundation Series invitation?

    I got the Foundation Series invite, living in CA with my 112787xxx RN, but I'll not be accepting it. Here is why: The option prices are unknown, so it's not clear how good of a deal the Foundation Series is. For example, are A/T tires and rims a $500 upgrade, or $2000 upgrade, or what? It's not...