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  1. Tesla's Cybertruck factory @ Texas starting to show “cyberpunk” aesthetics

    Great meeting you too! The big thing to keep in mind is that you don't want to change anything with your reservations if you already locked in FSD pricing on any of them until AFTER your are configuring them when that starts happening probably later this year. There are unknown rumors of people...
  2. Tesla's Cybertruck factory @ Texas starting to show “cyberpunk” aesthetics

    Good news is, when they get to the configuration stage you'll most likely be able to change which model of the CT you want with just the 1 reservation! If you locked in FSD at one price and then at a different price with the other 2 reservations, I would recommend changing your first reservation...
  3. Cyber Cabin Fever; bi directional charging!

    Do you have any running water nearby your cabin where you could possibly go hydro? Any areas where you could clear out and run even a small solar array? Even if you're running 100-300ft of underground wire to get there?
  4. Cyber Cabin Fever; bi directional charging!

    I'm not an electrician so don't quote me on code requirements, but there are power losses when running long wires for sure. Here's a basic calculator you could reference ? Keep in mind the CT 240V outlet is speculated to have 30-50A output capacity, but nothing is confirmed yet. The calculator...
  5. Cyber Cabin Fever; bi directional charging!

    Nice! Remember to factor in conversion losses as you go about it. Converting the DC battery to AC 220V, then converting that AC back to DC for items in your cabin. I would factor in 25% just between the conversion losses and the truck's daily idle power loss. My LR RWD M3 loses about 10mi/day...
  6. FSD and passing on highway

    I've attempted this myself on my M3 with EAP, and can confirm it will not cross the yellow dotted line to pass traffic. Not on its own, and not even when you manually trigger the lane change with the blinker. It will just say Auto Lane Change Unavailable. Essentially, right now you just have to...
  7. Cyber Cabin Fever; bi directional charging!

    1. I think you were intending to reply with details, but it looks like your post was accidentally blank. Can you try again please? 2. You look like Gordon Ramsay! Glad to see that he supports bugging out and the Cybertruck ?
  8. Tesla's Cybertruck factory @ Texas starting to show “cyberpunk” aesthetics

    The only cyber-punk in this article is the author! He must be out of new things to write about.
  9. First look at the Cybertruck’s 8,000-ton Giga Press!

    Well that'll never happen! *snuffing out recent news articles of mysterious fire in Fremont* don't look, don't look! ? With the amount of backorders Tesla has for the CT (over 1.5mil!), I'm sure to them the cost of a 2nd unit to double production and also have a backup in case 1 "magically...
  10. I'm taking delivery of my CT next week!! ?

    Dang bro, are you starting a Robotaxi RC fleet or something?! Come to think of it, Elon said you can make $30k/yr with a RT, and this is 1:64 scale. So maybe if you make 1/64th that income, you're bringing in $469/yr per RoboRC truck! You, sir, are a genius!
  11. I'm taking delivery of my CT next week!! ?

    Maaaybe... ? I prefer to call them the "garage edition"
  12. I'm taking delivery of my CT next week!! ?

    Just like the title says folks, I'm getting an early edition CT (two actually) next week! Thank goodness they didn't cancel the truck altogether, thank you Uncle Elon!! ? Reviews to come after delivery ?
  13. What are the chances the 240 mile range battery will be upgraded?

    I believe it will be brought more toward 300+ miles in production. The info that we know on the CT points to it being paired with the same equipment of the semi (well to be fair pretty much all the cars share core components now). The semi surprised Elon and team so much that they determined...
  14. Engineering Explained: If Gas cars are banned, Can The Grid Handle Electric Cars?

    *chanting* Micro grids! Micro grids! Micro grids!!! Having a few central grids is the most dangerous thing to our nation's power supply. Need a recent example? Oh hey, Texas! If we need to rely on a few large power sources, then we are in big trouble when they fail to deliver for any reason...
  15. Cybertruck Door Handles

    Do you think Elon knew covid was coming?! ? Still opting for the manual handles myself, but it's not a deal breaker either way!
  16. Did anyone notice that the original cybertruck tease was different from the actual truck?

    The CT teaser was actually spot on! They are both triangular, sharp edged, and totally different than any other truck's design. Elon had prepared the world for months and we didn't even know it? Yet people still expected a Tesyota CyberTundra??
  17. Cybertruck Interior: Tough or Fancy?

    Is there an option for I want my monocle to match my CT? ? I personally love making a statement with something different and unique!! The grotesque nature of the CT brings me so much pride, and I would use it a lot for hauling, towing, etc. So bring me function over fancy, baby!! But the seats...
  18. Malls

    Tesla! It's always Tesla! *crossing fingers* I just drove by a hugely popular mall recently to see how it's doing, and I found it was actually closed down! Boards on windows all around, no trespassing tape, etc. What once was a thriving industry with HUGE real estate footprints is now becoming...
  19. Autonomous Electric Trucks Could Disrupt Rail and Transform Logistics

    Welp, I guess it's time for me to start reading those coding books! Java for Juniors, Python for Purists, and C+ for Coders.
  20. Hope this doesn’t happen with the CyberTruck

    Exactly! Tesla service is much better than people think, thanks to media spitting in Tesla's eye about issues years ago. Also, keep in mind that unlike any other manufacturer who makes a TON of money on service, Tesla's chief engineer said on the 2020 Q4 earnings call that their goal is to...