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  1. Tesla Doesn't Want to Buy My Cybertruck

    They are saying no to both because the reasoning is not an unforeseen circumstance as per the agreement. OP needs to say an unforeseen circumstance came up and he needs the money and not that the build quality is why he wants to get rid of the truck. That’s more of a lemon law issue.
  2. My Range Improved After Software Update 2024.8.7

    Mine is not two miles, it’s over 10 miles difference. Start off with any number of miles, let’s say 150. After driving 100 miles, you won’t show 50 miles remaining, perhaps only 30 remaining. This time it added up PLUS 2 miles.
  3. My Range Improved After Software Update 2024.8.7

    Tap on “truck” symbol lower left and the you will see the menu. Go to “trips” then check the boxes for which trips you want to display in Cards.
  4. Picking up my Beast tomorrow! 🥳

    15 is fine. Mine was 26 some are more than 50
  5. My Range Improved After Software Update 2024.8.7

    CA- about 64 degrees today. Have almost 5000k miles on the truck and this is the first time I noticed the difference. Could be coincidental but the ghost drain overnight was also fixed with this update.
  6. My Range Improved After Software Update 2024.8.7

    First drive after latest software update seems to have improved range. Usually when I start at 260 miles of range and drive 100 miles and I might show 140 remaining. Always uses more than 1mile per mile driven. Today I started at 260 miles of range, drove 105 miles and I’m showing a range of...
  7. Home charging Cybertruck using Tesla Mobile Wall connector?

    CT will charge at 17/18 MPH on the Mobile wall connector at 32ampa which is the max.
  8. Tesla Powershare Home Backup Installation For $9,082.00 In FV SoCal For My AWD: Too Much?

    I got a similar quote through Trout as well. I’m trying to get another quote but not sure how to reach Tesla.
  9. Took delivery yesterday @ Long Beach. Some new finds.

    Your closed cleat is a bottle opener, nothing is missing.
  10. Vault Bed Heat Pump Build (Heating & Cooling) 🥵🥶

    This works great for under $20 and will heat in 5 min no matter how cold it is outside.
  11. 500 Shares Early CT VIN

    i'm already driving mine but I'm sure this will piss off a lot of folks waiting.
  12. Delivery timeline/process question

    You will receive the Mobile Charger on the day of Delivery.
  13. Vault button: longevity

    I’m sure it will last a long time but you can always use app or screen if it fails.
  14. 3000 Mile Range Test Completed & EPA Estimate Confirmed in my real world driving

    PIPISTREL AIRCRAFT has perhaps the most experience in building efficient aircraft and all electric aircraft such as the Alpha trainer. ARCHER seems promising with their EVTOL. Energy density needs to improve exponentially before we can see long range air transport. I think it will take a...
  15. 3000 Mile Range Test Completed & EPA Estimate Confirmed in my real world driving

    Had a 2008 SR22 GTS turbo for 4 years and just sold it. As a commercial pilot and commercial glider and helicopter pilot, energy management is key. I owned a Diamond motor glider for many years, it was a self launch glider with Turbo Rotax 914, I would shut down the power plant and soar for...