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  1. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    This thread got a mention in The Verge
  2. Is the Cybertruck the next Fisker Ocean?

    All new vehicles have teething issues. The Cybertruck is an unprecedented vehicle built on multiple revolutionary technologies. Therefore, you can expect many teething issues. It's not like they simply decided to build a bigger Y, for example (like an Ocean). Early adopters mostly knew this and...
  3. 7 Day Review - Attempt at a Unique Positives & Negatives Perspective.

    This was a great review. It’s hard to find anything new to say about the truck, and I feel like I’ve read it all. I feel like comparing this to a normal F-150 isn’t accurate, more like a Raptor R or TRX in terms of performance and purpose. Those cost way more than the Cyberbeast and need...
  4. Forum threads featured in NY Post Cybertruck article

    Good point, I had overlooked that. This is reminiscent of when someone has a moral panic over something and then uses terminology indicating they know very little about the topic.
  5. Forum threads featured in NY Post Cybertruck article

    I’m not surprised when I see forum threads referred to in esoteric YouTube channels, but it was a bit wild to see screencaps in a major news outlet.
  6. Forum threads featured in NY Post Cybertruck article

    My dad just sent me this article, "Tesla’s Cybertrucks were ‘rushed out,’ are malfunctioning at astounding rate", which features threads from this forum I am now posting it here...
  7. First roadtrip after delivery - 400+ miles

    Nice, it's kind of funny how Ely is right in the middle of a ring of Superchargers. It will be a welcome addition that breaks up one of the last no-go zones for Teslas in the lower 48.
  8. Experience on soft beach sand & overland sand mode?

    This conversation is very interesting and helpful for me, as I have no four wheel sand experience, just with motorcycles. I look forward to adventuring with a CT one day, but I wouldn't go into soft sand without Maxtrax and a shovel. Possibly also a winch and a deadman. Does that track with...
  9. I now own a Cyberbeast!

    I love this story and to hear this makes you and your wife so happy. Life is short, enjoy it while you can!
  10. CYBERBEAST review from longtime Tesla owner

    $20k difference, not $40k. If that is all that kept you from the Cyberbeast, I hope this lets you pull the trigger.
  11. CYBERBEAST review from longtime Tesla owner

    I agree. I have a MSP, and now that I'm accustomed to sub-3s 0-60 times, I have a hard time imagining going back. For $20k, why not get the fast one?
  12. CYBERBEAST review from longtime Tesla owner

    I think you meant to write "they will be demand-constrained"?
  13. Had to go 100k in TSLA to average down and get out

    The best reason to own TSLA is so that, when the bots decide to reappropriate all our atoms, they'll save the shareholders for last. Like how Robocop couldn't arrest the board members of OCP. Just a thought.
  14. First roadtrip after delivery - 400+ miles

    I believe it. I went with C&D observed highway mileage, and here is how they get that number. I also didn't notice that the TRX requires premium, so expect closer to $5/gal (I guess? Idk, I live in CA). Point being, the operating cost of the CT seems on the low end within the realm of high...
  15. Best Loan Rates

    In general if you go with a credit union you will get lower rates. Why? Because they are non-profits, technically cooperatives, and not having to pay investors nor taxes means they can charge you less. So pick any credit union and you're ahead of the game.
  16. First roadtrip after delivery - 400+ miles

    Fair point, chargers along that route are around $0.39/kWh. I've seen it as low as $0.17 (at a Las Vegas Tesla center in off hours) but $0.40ish is typical for a road trip. I scout around for $0.23 locally. Obviously if you start off with a full charge at home, the first leg can be very...
  17. First roadtrip after delivery - 400+ miles

    I love doing road trips through the southwest and Nevada is no exception. I'm looking forward to Tesla completing the Supercharger in Ely, that will fill a huge gap in the network so we can do US-50. In my experience TACC does a lot of phantom braking when there is heat mirage -- that shimmer...
  18. Towed a 10,400 pound generator today!

    That’s 140mi absolute range, more if the return trip is downhill. Was there elevation gain to the destination?
  19. Brutally Honest CyberTruck Review: 2 Months & 4,000 Miles Later

    Great video. DIdn't I tell you the sideswipe wasn't a big deal? 😁 Did the person hit you because they were distracted by the Cybertruck or what? You raise an interesting point about the truck being overpriced right now at $100k. I couldn't tell if you're talking about $80k AWD plus $20k FS...
  20. CT being used as a Daily Work Truck

    You know what's funny to me is when people say the CT can't be used as a work truck because you can't reach over the sill near the cab. Meanwhile I see lifted trucks all the time where you can't even see into the bed. Yesterday in fact I saw one with one of those bed tool boxes in back. I've...