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  1. What must be disclosed at the delivery event?

    is it possible we may not get some of the basics at this event, including: Price Range Performance/specs model variants to come including price, specs and ETA? is it guaranteed we will get one two and three, with possibility of no info, on number four? If so, it makes it a tough call for...
  2. 410 mile range Rivian max pack model announced

    Maybe will be a nudge to Tesla to deliver 400+ range out of the gate 🤞

    We haven’t heard otherwise have we? I can’t wait to see the first pictures and posts from the new owners here!
  4. Rolls-Royce to ban flippers interesting approach Rolls-Royce is taking Maybe Tesla will with CT also interesting read on the electric car as well. Assume that many of us are not cross shopping this one.😄
  5. Will specs in all configurations be announced at delivery?

    As we look forward to a late Q3 delivery event will we learn the specs of all available cybertruck configurations at that time or only the trims available at launch?
  6. What happens to your spot in line if you want to wait for a configuration not yet available?

    What would happen to the spot in line of say an early reservation holder under the scenario the top spec version is not available only or even lower spec version is not available and they want to wait for it.? Do they simply go to the back of the line or is there any priority left or does nobody...
  7. Panasonic 4680 battery production delayed. Will it affect Cybertruck delivery timing?

    Do we think this will further impact launch and/or volume ramp for cyber truck? Panasonic delays production of new Tesla battery to improve performance SAN FRANCISCO/TOKYO, May 10...
  8. When will we know specs?

    Not sure if this has been answered I trust it’s been debated, but do we have an idea when we will know specs on the vehicle specifically dimensions, power, range, options, pricing, features? Are we talking the day before production or the month before production, three months before production...
  9. Jim Cramer hit piece: Jim Cramer Says Buy Ford Stock 'Hand Over Fist' After Tesla Analyst Calls Cybertruck A 'Cult Car' I cannot count the number of complete misses this guy has yet somehow maintains to be some sort of authority. it’s like the Seinfeld episode...
  10. Will our cybertrucks be insurable from day one?

    With Tesla having a reputation of expensive repairs, and just getting a windshield replacement quote on my five year old high-volume Tesla model three for ~$1850…, I’m wondering how insurance companies are going to address rates and coverage for this new platform with no history, new design...
  11. Will FSD full self driving get priority on deliveries?

    I wonder if the early deliveries are going to go for those who pay for the full self driving? It would be a bummer to get bumped down the list if you’re not on board with that option.
  12. Any 500mi range updates?

    Have we heard any updates on this for the top spec and it being a reality? GMC Dinali just announced their electric claiming 400 mile starting in 2024. not sure if anyone has made a claim of 500 miles or close to that as Tesla has with CT.
  13. 37” tires option would be great

    Now that 4 motors keep CT at top industry specs, it would be great to see a 37” wheel option. (Maybe only on CT4)Of course a big penalty on range/weight/speed etc., but the Raptor is now offering it, so will the TRX (rumored). seems like the consensus here is that most will prioritize range and...
  14. Quad motor replacing tri-motor?

    I’m curious what the latest thoughts/intel is on quad replacing trimotor?
  15. Saw my first Rivian in the wild

    Saw the truck yesterday driving by my neighborhood! All white. It looked WAY better than I expected as everything I’ve seen in the media has me not liking the front and cartoonish looks. in person it actually looked nice, upscale and different. can’t wait to start seeing CTs in the same setting. ?
  16. Anyone selling what your CT will replace?

    The used vehicle market is hot/premium. I just sold my 2013 G-Wagon for more than I paid for it 4 years ago! CT3 was going to replace it. Our household has 2 more cars so can deal with it if my Jan2022 production target slips ?
  17. 37” tire option

    Any thoughts if this will be offered? New Raptor announced as an option which involves rejigging the production line to accommodate the larger tires.