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  1. ModelAZ

    Candy Blue Wrap + Black Pillars

    That looks excellent! Great idea to go with black pillar wrap. All blue might have been too much.
  2. ModelAZ

    Yellow front lightbar on satin black Cybertruck

    I like the combo! Yellow film on front lightbar paired with satin black wrap on this Cybertruck. Not my Cybertruck, but thought this was a cool look and wanted to share.
  3. ModelAZ

    Two Tone Wrap (Black & White) Cybertruck!

    First two tone wrap Cybertruck - black top, white bottom. Not mine BTW
  4. ModelAZ

    Picking up my Beast tomorrow! 🥳

    No breaking-in period needed, LET HER RIP! 🏎 Did you get your Cyberbeast yet??
  5. ModelAZ

    Cybertruck production possibly 900-1,000 weekly rate now, estimates Joe Tegtmeyer

    "Cybertruck production continues obvious ramp up, possibly near 900-1,000 weekly rate now! New Cybertruck path through new EOL in operation! Many on the N, E & S sides of the W EOL facility & many more in W outbound lot & E testing lot. Cybertrucks also now using testing track on W side of EOL. 1/2"
  6. ModelAZ

    CybertruckCovers saying hi! Introducing quick change reusable color cover kit & more parts / accessories for Cybertruck!

    Removable color "wrap" / protective body panels sounds like a great idea! Please post up a new announcement with details / photos etc. once you're ready to announce it this week. Keeping an eye out for this...
  7. ModelAZ

    6 new color paint films released for Cybertruck (factory - dealer install) Copper Tinted Clear: $6,500 Iridescent Purple: $6,500 Forest Green: $6,500 Satin Crimson Red: $6,500 Satin Dark Gray: $6,500 Tactical Green: $6,500 Copper Tinted Clear Iridescent Purple Forest Green Satin...
  8. ModelAZ

    Cybertruck Software Update 2024.8.4 (Auto Wipers • Vehicle alarm includes trailer • One-Time Charge Limit • Tire Service Mileage • Rear Headphones)

    Software update 2024.8.4 features: • Auto Wipers • Vehicle alarm includes trailer (cool) • One-Time Charge Limit • Tire Service Mileage • Rear Passenger Headphones Release Notes:
  9. ModelAZ

    First Cybertruck on Cars & Bids, auction ends 3/22
  10. ModelAZ

    Bumper Light Bar by M&R Automotive installed on Cybertruck 🚥

    M&R Automotive bumper light bar installed on Cybertruck.
  11. ModelAZ

    🏁 CyberBeast vs. Model 3 Performance in 1/8 mile drag race

    Model 3 Performance gets the jump but Cyberbeast reels it in! 🎣