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  1. cvalue13

    Rail Dust (Rust): Recommendations from Cybertruck Chief Engineer

    Btw, Tesla is aware this is a transport and delivery issue, as regardless of the source they don’t want to be delivering blemished vehicles. But here’s the CT’ lead weighing in on the rail dust issue. Note he doesn’t mention Windex, he does mention two other products in particular the blue...
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    Cybertruck Can’t Tug-Of-War (software limited)?

    Longtime members know I hate the 2019 F150 tug-of-war stunt, because it only impresses people who don’t understand towing/pulling - which comes down to the relative weight and traction of the other vehicle. But, I’ve been surprised to not yet see recreations of that stunt, either from Tesla or...
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    Q4-2023 Earnings Call 1/24/24 at 5:30pm EST.

    Don't think I missed this being posted elsewhere, but even if so - in all the hubbub, on Jan. 2nd Tesla scheduled its '23Q4/YE Earning's Call for after market close on Wednesday, Jan. 24th. Some potentially unique dynamics of this, this first earning's call after the Cybertruck "Delivery...
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    Bounty on CT Monroney Pics

    To date, this forum has (to my knowledge) seen only a single Monroney off a CT. Putting a bounty on other images of Monroney, esp those showing VIN and manufacturing date (unlike the one above). Looking, in particular, to find even a single Monroney to date that displays either crash or EPA...
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    APP sluggish/bricked for others?

    Last several days, the CTOC app is randomly sluggish or frozen. Forced app restart seems to remedy it briefly. Forced iPhone restart didn’t appear to improve the situation. any others?
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    Rear Seat 120v Outlet (and Console) -- Photo

    More info posted by @Kahpernicus
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    Now, this is *only* the currently-prevailing evidence - but that’s as good as it gets from Tesla at the moment FURTHER UPDATE DEC 21st: Yesterday, it appears at least some/several of the people whose invitations ‘disappeared’ early, re-spring- on a Tuesday. Unclear if all 12/20 ‘off-cycle’...
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    2nd Wave of Order Invitations Arriving❗️CHECK YOUR APP or TESLA.COM ACCOUNT

    Posted minutes ago, so just in case this is a new Friday tranche if order invites just going out If you did get an invite, and you do pull trigger, please add your info to the forum’s (actual) order tracking list -- link...
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    Farley Thanks Musk For 48v Arch Doc

    In a torque news piece, Dated Dec. 3rd, they claimed Musk told them Tesla sent a guidebook on 48v arch to CEO’s of other major OEMs. Presumably torque picked up this infor from the video review by Jason Camissa of Hagerty 30mins ago, Jim Farley tweeted this: Interesting bit (to me), is...
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    Foundation Series Cybertruck ordering begins! $120K / 1,000 Limited Edition

    To understand the Foundation series see this thread, but otherwise it appears to be beginning (or at least making its way to the xwitterverse) EDIT TO ADD: from my other thread, as an example in the scenario of a specific state's tax regime, etc. - YMMV EDIT TO ADD: Also take...
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    Cyberbeast vs AEV Prospector XL

    Thinking about the value-proposition of the Cyberbeast, at $100K before out-the-door costs, and asked myself what other vehicle (truck wise) I might purchase with that money. An alternative that would cause me to think on it, money no object and if looking to spend on an absurd vehicle toy...
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    Tesla's Crafty Move? - Carbon Credits, The Extender, GVWR, and Payload

    The numbers are in, and with time to think/drink about it, here's the TLDR: the current Cybertruck payload of 2,500lb is possibly sandbagged to keep the GVWR below 10K lb / Class 3 designation the range extender is possibly a $16,000 option in order to ensure that not too many are sold...
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    Service Center Demo Units - Touchable Now?

    Assumed by now we might see the service center demo units have the barriers come down. So a little surprised we haven’t heard of people at least showing up to a SC to ask?
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    Foundation Series Cybertruck -- Clarified

    Here ya go now - I don’t think I’ve seen this discussed pointedly on the forum! Tesla Starts Delivering First 1000 “Foundation Series” Cybertrucks – 3-Headed Cyberbeast Insignia & More Hidden Details Tesla has launched the first 1000 “Foundation Series” Cybertrucks at the delivery event. The...
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    Breakover / Departure Angle stats?

    Has anyone seen reliable and detailed brakeover and departure angle calcs? I’m hoping for someone who’s done the math on each of high and very high settings at least (because I personally ignore extract mode for basic functionality) I haven’t had time to watch but one in depth review, and...
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    Man Arrested Before Delivery Event For His Threat.... Reason For "Rushed" Event?

    Florida man arrested for terrorist threats targeting Tesla event According to arrest documents, 20 days before the event, a Tesla Security Operations Manager reported threatening messages sent in an Instagram group chat that said: "But yeah, so at the Tesla event, I’m planning an attack, so...
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    Cybertruck Specs Comparison vs. R1T, Lightning and other pickups

    A quick download EDIT TO ADD: realized I hadn't included what, to me, is among the more interesting heat maps (somehow durring the shelling, i didnt add it)
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    Rumor: 'Cybertruck Whisperer' Banned from Delivery Event

    In the category of "f*ck around n' find out" MDR's current pinned tweet (with a groveling parenthetical at the end) would appear to confirm it Personally, I wouldn't say Tesla would ban him merely for disclosing some information given to him by an employee at the Investor Day event...