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    🔔 Keyword Alerts -- Your New Automated Site Search Tool

    Announcing Keyword Alerts 🔔 How it works: Keyword Alerts works as an automatic live-search with alert function. When any keyword or term (that you set) is posted on the forum, you'll receive instant app push alert (app link), email notification and/or forum alert. Use this to follow certain...
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    2024.14 Update! Cabin Overheat Protection, Turning Circle Improved, Powersharing V2H, Digital Colorizer on Screen, New Horn & Lock Sounds

    As just announced by official Cybertruck Twitter / X account: Powersharing from Vehicle to Home During grid outages, Cybertruck can power your home using your Universal Wall Connector & Powershare Gateway. Colorizer Wrap your digital Cybertruck to match your wrap in real life. New Horn and...
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    📲 Introducing the Cybertruck Owners Club App!

    CYBERTRUCK OWNERS CLUB iOS APP What is it? You'll notice that the app is virtually identical to the mobile version of the site, and that's basically what it is. It's our mobile site, but with the added functionality of the menu bar shortcut tools and most importantly - push...
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    Electric Pickup Truck Range Test to Dead : Cybertruck vs. Lightning, R1T, Silverado (by Out of Spec)

    Cybertruck vs. Lightning, Rivian R1T and Silverado EV
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    Cybertruck engineer: things we learned with Cybertruck in Baja and will bring via OTA

    Wes Morrill, chief engineer of the Cybertruck, had this to say after the Baja testing video was released (see below) "Some things we learned with Cybertruck in Baja and will be bringing these learnings to the fleet via OTA. Starting with the namesake mode, Off-Road: Baja. Being able to adjust...
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    Road to Cybertruck | Baja (Official Video)

    Words by Cybertruck lead engineer, Wes Morrill: This was an incredible learning experience for Cybertruck off-road and a really tough but enjoyable challenge. Baja was also such a beautiful place. Would highly encourage anyone to make use of the destination charger network and check it out.
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    Satin Rose Gold Factory PPF wrap on Cybertruck - job quality closeup photos

    We managed to get a closeup look at the Satin Rose Gold PPF Wrap on the Cybertruck and the job quality was very good (except for one door seam). This is one of the 5 available "factory" PPF wraps currently available for the Cybertruck. Some previously...
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    Official: 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona (EV + ICE), Scat Pack, Daytona R/T Revealed! 670 Horsepower / 0-60mph in 3.3 Secs

    See: * create/copy an account at Chargerdaytonaforum with just 1-click at your account copy menu ✅
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    Rivian R2 Price & Specs Leaked: $47500, 0-60 3 Sec, 330 Miles Range

    See: * you can create/copy an account at Rivianforums with just 1-click at your account copy menu ✅
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    Cybertruck will be at 2024 Canadian International AutoShow @ Toronto -- Feb. 16-25

    For our Canadian members -- the Cybertruck has been confirmed to be appearing at the 2024 Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto (@ Metro Toronto Convention Centre). The show runs from February 16-25.
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    Official look: Jeep Wagoneer S EV

    Leaked first photos of the 2025 Wagoneer S EV. (affiliate site) * create/copy your account at WagoneerSevforum with just 1-click at your account copy menu ✅
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    Cybertruck OWNERS List & Stats [Add Yours]! ✍🏻

    Welcome to the Cybertruck Owners Registry List! This list is for current Cybertruck owners who have already received their vehicle. Please use the Submission Form to add yourself to the list. Post a reply in this thread (preferably with a photo of your delivered Cybertruck). Once your...
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    Cybertruck Aftermarket Wheels & Tires Pictures / Info Compilation

    T Sportline Cyber Steelie See original thread: