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  1. Email received: Cybertruck reservation holders asked to buy something else "while you wait"?

    Tesla needs work or their email blasts. I also recently received an email to test drive a Y when I purchased a Y at the beginning of the year. I would take up the test drive offer if it were a roadster
  2. What will happen to my 2019 reservation?

    I literally just received the email. Except, I purchased a Y at the beginning of the year. No $1,000 for me 🙁
  3. I was wrong

    The listed price for new orders does not confirm price for reservists. Has reservist prices been confirmed?
  4. BaseCamp Bed Tent Cybertruck Official Accessory Priced at $2,975

    At the bare minimum to watch the screen through the glass. I hope the wind goes does. I also hope somebody posts confirmation if it does or not
  5. Everyone stay calm. Keep your order until things settle.

    The first 150,000 should panic and cancel. (Whistling softly)
  6. Solar Cover, Lightbar (Hella), and Cyber Shop Confirmed for Cybertruck!

    a solar cover implies external solar can plug in to charge the battery. If so, cool and hope a proprietary annoyance connector is not needed. Thinking about camping configurations I will never do because I rather sleep in a hotel.
  7. What’s the odds on stock price effect of Thursday reveal?

    Guaranteed investing advice? if I buy, stocks drop. If I sell, stocks spike. 😁
  8. Gear Shifter

    Slide forward in your seat to drive, slide back for reverse. Slide to your right to parallel park. This is true and accurate information.
  9. Cybertruck NO RESALE Restriction (1 Year) Spotted in Purchase Agreement Language

    The verbiage used is suspect. Just a few more weeks and all will be known.
  10. New Cybertruck @ Hollister Hills Stairs Steps climbing video

    Pros used paved roads and sleep in hotels. (Maybe Pro term is incorrectly used)
  11. Black Cybertruck looking so stealth at night 🥷🏻

    I just encountered a black wrapped Cybertruck this morning in the wild. Southbound on the 405 fwy just south of the 10 heading the opposite direction as me. No time for a picture. 8:40 AM. pretty awesome in the daylight too and has me considering again a murder out wrap design. I wish I was...