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  1. Dusty

    Elon addresses Cybertruck door gap seen in MKBHD review

    Ridge lent the truck out to youtubers. By the time MKBHD got it, it had probably been through hundreds of dumbass "chop your carrots off" demos. Including some youtube shock value clickbait chopping attempts on "stuff". So, not giving an excuse, but this is to be had with a grain of salt.
  2. Dusty

    Cybertrucks on transport crashes in Colorado Springs

    I'm genuinely surprised the media didn't blame FSD.
  3. Dusty

    Cybertruck production rate ~80 units daily (currently as of 2/24/24)

    BEVs are at the point where, in the U.S., no one is more than 2 people removed from personally knowing someone who owns one. And the trope, of when one family on the street gets a Tesla there are more Teslas on that same block by the end of the year, is a real thing. So, no matter what the...
  4. Dusty

    Satin Rose Gold PPF wrap on Cybertruck - first real life look! (Irvine, CA)

    This is pretty good. I love the color of the mold that shapes the door seal structure of the CT, or something a little darker like the color of the Tampa Bay Bucs helmet, how it has a metallic flake treatment. I wonder if there are closeups to see the grain of the color?
  5. Dusty

    FS is closed, prove me wrong

    Yup. Was just looking at it over breakfast.
  6. Dusty

    Rust Spots/Corrosion is the Norm

    Between SpaceX and Tesla, I think quite a few SS formulas were eyeballed.
  7. Dusty

    Why are YOU buying a Cybertruck?

    I want an EV and I do light off-roading. I'm a loooong time Jeep owner. No rock crawling or Moab, but more than what a MX or MY can do. The CTs looks do it for me. I'm just not a fan of a traditional pickup trucks vibe or looks (except the TRX). So the Beast is for me.
  8. Dusty

    Used preowned Cybertruck flip on Cargurus for $250K !

    I think @keykeyg got it. I'm no lawyer but if I sell you my company that has a vehicle in holding, you now have the vehicle. I sold you the company, the truck is still owned by the company. Smarter people can chime in to correct me.
  9. Dusty

    Where are the north east coast deliveries at ?

    I'm in Northern VA I haven't ordered yet, and my invite still says Feb-Apr delivery for the AWD version. The Beast still says mid-late 2024. I'm going to hold out for the Beast. I'll hold out as long as I can to see when non-Foundation versions will come out.
  10. Dusty

    18" Wheels for Cybertruck Explained

    @T Sportline : For the rear... is there enough of a fudge factor built in to anticipate good clearance when Tesla increases the rear wheel steering's sweep angle? I'm very interested in wearing a set of BFG KM3's 35x18s.
  11. Dusty

    18" Wheels for Cybertruck Explained

    I edited while you were posting. I mistakenly had a "don't" in there... Fixed: "They don't make very VERY few tires in 19.5." A cursory look on TireRack found 10 tires. They all had a speed rating of 81-87mph. That's very VERY few options with terrible limits. Compare 18" options to 19.5"...
  12. Dusty

    How to adjust headlights (height angle) in Cybertruck menu settings. Watch the headlight beam height moving during adjustment 🔦

    All Teslas let you adjust the beam height like this. I got flashed constantly in my MY when I first purchased it. I did the 25ft/3.5ft cut for both headlights and I stopped getting flashed by oncoming traffic. Visibility is still great. I also notice when I'm behind cars at night my cutoff is...
  13. Dusty

    18" Wheels for Cybertruck Explained

    Have you ever shopped for tires? It sounds like you may not understand tire to wheel fitment. They make very VERY few 19.5 inch tires and you don't stretch tires to fit wheels. Tires generally have a minimum/maximum mounting width so you can pick the desired width tire as long as it is...
  14. Dusty

    Range extender how useful is it really?? cost vs time savings..... Definitely not worth it to most

    Everyone's needs are different but after having a Model Y for a while I know specifically what my mileage needs are. 350 real world miles at 75-85(ish) mph. That's perfect for me. That would get me to every place we drive to as a family 5-6 times a year with no recharging stops. I wouldn't...
  15. Dusty

    Got Invite - Torn on Ordering

    Yeah... If I'm dropping north of $90k I want that shit in writing somewhere that installed on the AWD CT are a pair of electro-locking diffs, not "I heard that so-and-so said in a tweet" that it will have it. I just sent my Tesla Assistant a message. I'll see what the answer is.
  16. Dusty

    Got Invite - Torn on Ordering

    You sure? The only official mention from Tesla regarding a locking diff I've seen is with the Beast. I've been looking but I don't see anything saying the dualmotor physically has an electro-locking differential on the truck. Anyone know besides the screen message, if the dualmotor has...
  17. Dusty

    Got Invite - Torn on Ordering

    I got my invite a few weeks ago and am still struggling to pull the trigger. I think I'm going to do the Beast for the front locking differential (which the dual motor AWD doesn't get) and power (just because). But, the delivery time listed for the AWD dual is February while the CBeast is...
  18. Dusty

    Aftermarket 325 wide tires + 18" Method wheels installed on Cybertruck

    Gotta love the crowd upset at putting BFG KM3s on a cybertruck because it'll make it too hard to go hypermiling.
  19. Dusty

    Just Ordered My Foundation Series Allocation! Post Your Invitations / Order Confirmations! 🙌

    I'd better redo my math... 95% attrition they'll sell every CT made in 2024.
  20. Dusty

    Just Ordered My Foundation Series Allocation! Post Your Invitations / Order Confirmations! 🙌

    Common sense says they're going to sell the CT as FS for the next year, at minimum. There's no reason for them to limit FS to 1000 trucks. Why in the world would they sell a CT in any trim for 20k less at this point when they have over 1M reservation holders. I reserved on reveal and I just...