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  1. SparkChaser

    New Tesla Showroom Santa Rosa (North Bay Area) opening Saturday, April 20th

    How was it? Pictures? Demo Rides?
  2. SparkChaser

    OBDLINK connector

    I am interested in this, I want to use a Heads up or display in fromt of the steering wheel wityh a Bluetooth OBD Link.
  3. SparkChaser

    How do you check reservation

    There are several calculators but they are have not really proven to be very accurate. Until they start production of the non Foundation series the order is not being followed. They have been offering Foundation series to those on the list close to the order of the list but not absolutely.
  4. SparkChaser

    Cybertruck Thermal Management: A Departure From Previous Tesla Models [Teardown by Sandy Munro Live]

    Certainly in Depth but the air filter shows it is almost flush with the Shock Tower/Casting.
  5. SparkChaser

    Time to end the Foundation series.

    So back to the beginning
  6. SparkChaser

    15+CyberrTrucks @ Serrimonte Tesla

    I liked it a lot. Very quiet. Smooth power and great 1 pedal driving. $350 a month to lease for 2 years (while waiting for the CT) or $600 a month to buy. This would be Tesla financing, about 5k down. They walked me around the car, got in and told me the simple process of gear selection and...
  7. SparkChaser

    15+CyberrTrucks @ Serrimonte Tesla

    I went for. Model 3 test drive and was surprised to see about 15 CyberTrucks on the lot. Many in the process of delivery prep but I believe I saw a delivery and a celebrating family with their new CT. The agent allowed me to sit in and explore the CT as well. Great experience overall. looking...
  8. SparkChaser

    Production rate theory

    I'm confused. If the plant is turning out 70-90 a day and only 9-10 vins are being assigned where are the other 60-80 trucks going?
  9. SparkChaser

    Front Runner Roof Rack? Testing the waters

    I would love to have a rack that can be raised and lowered. Lowest possible drag in the stowed position and raised when needed. This would make loading much easier.
  10. SparkChaser

    Has anyone seen this? Share a Cybertruck for $12K

    While a novel idea there are way too many elements that can go wrong.
  11. SparkChaser

    Portable shower setup for camping?

    I use a solar shower when camping. Just leave it out on the vault cover and it will heat up fine on sunny days. In colder climes you may need another solution but this is simple and cheap. 1 per person is plenty.
  12. SparkChaser

    Which Driving Height do you drive in?

    One of the great benefits of not being the trail blazer. I hate waiting , but I am hoping that the improvements will make it all worth it.
  13. SparkChaser

    Idea for alternative to wrap: Magnetics …..

    maybe put a sheet on the inside as well?
  14. SparkChaser

    Fast driving on 280

    I have seen 3 CyberTruck in the wild. Most on 280 and they are always going 85 plus. Having to haul ass to get a pic