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  1. DMC-81

    Cybertruck and DeLorean at a car show: my impressions

    Hi there. I brought my DeLorean to a car show as I usually do on weekends. But today, a Foundation Series Tri Motor Beast came as well. This was my first time seeing one in the wild. The owner was very nice. He showed me around the vehicle, walked me through the screens, and even let me drive...
  2. DMC-81

    Sneak peek: Cyber Shield Cleaning & Protective Spray for Cybertruck Stainless Steel

    While I was looking at the Cybertruck today, an employee and I were chatting about stainless maintenance since I have a DeLorean. He showed me the spray bottle solution that Tesla provided them for the truck: Cyber Shield! It is made by Auto Renu ( , and the bottle states...
  3. DMC-81

    Concept Cars That Let You Down

    While we are waiting for the crazy, polarizing Cybertruck concept to actually be produced, I'm curious to know what other concept vehicles you saw that made you excited about the future but never happened or at least as shown? For example, I remember watching this episode of Top Gear where they...
  4. DMC-81

    Spotted: First video of Cybertruck towing trailer!

    Here is something I've been looking forward to: a Cybertruck towing a trailer! This thing moves with authority! Per @Carlos Thomas this ATC trailer specs are: 3,950 pound weight with maximum payload capacity of 9,250 for a GVWR of 13,500 pounds.
  5. DMC-81

    Cybertrucks at Tesla centers at launch?

    With production starting or just about to start, what are your thoughts on the possibility of some of these early trucks becoming dispay units at Tesla centers around the country? If not these early ones, will it happen at some point in the near future, i.e. did Tesla do that at launch or soon...
  6. DMC-81

    New research on battery self discharge

    I saw this article on Tesla funded research that found a cause of self discharge of lithium ion batteries. Seems like a relatively quick win to substitute the tape for something else that doesn't degrade.
  7. DMC-81

    Happy (second) Anniversary of the Cybertruck reveal!

    I can't believe it's been 2 years, and what an awful time it's been, with all the Covid stuff going on. Here's to a great 3rd year. Hopefully 2022 will bring more spyshots of the Alpha, the Beta, and actual production. I'm 400,000 or so down the list, but I hope to see one in person next...