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  1. HaulingAss

    Has anyone found 12V in the rearview mirror pod?

    I know I can run my radar detector off of the USB-C port in the center console, but I would like to avoid running wires up to the mount location by the center mirror.
  2. HaulingAss

    Best Soft Cooler for Cybertruck Frunk?

    I'm looking for a high-quality soft cooler that is a good fit for the frunk but have been having trouble finding accurate dimensions given the irregular shape of the frunk. From what I can gather, these are the relevant dimensions: Front to back: 13" (or is it 14"or 15"?), if placed somewhat...
  3. HaulingAss

    Is the Cybertruck more dangerous to pedestrians than a traditional truck?

    Anyone who thinks the Cybertruck is more dangerous than legacy trucks needs to watch this short, fact-based video: The Grille Trend that Kills 509 People per Year ( Plenty of footage of trucks hitting a human test dummy and how it reacts. And it summarizes a statistical analysis...
  4. HaulingAss

    Hands On Cybertruck with Larsen Engineering: "an honest review"

    Here's an engineer with a new Youtube channel sharing his thoughts on Cybertruck. He has some interesting thoughts to share and some nice images in beautiful mountain scenery. He only has 19 subscribers, his channel launched last week. On a remote mountain highway they are enjoying the...
  5. HaulingAss

    Pedestrian Safety Hypocrisy

    Every time someone mentions how damage resistant Cybertruck is, it seems someone accuses Tesla of being irresponsible. Without any evidence that it's true, they claim it will maim and kill pedestrians due to its thoughtless design and hard, sharp edges. It seems Tesla is always singled out for...
  6. HaulingAss

    Exterior Cybertruck De-badge?

    How do you de-badge the exterior of the Cybertruck? By sending the entire truck to the crusher?
  7. HaulingAss

    Dealership model vs. direct sales?

    Do you believe in free market capitalism when it comes to car sales? Let your voice be known in this poll:
  8. HaulingAss

    What is this on Cybertruck's rear wheel?

    Lars has a new video out that covers market and production dynamics of Cybertruck and F-150 Lightning and at 18:24 in the video there is what looks like a Tesla supplied image of the Cybertruck with what looks like something big stuck to the right rear wheel. Does anyone know what it is? I think...
  9. HaulingAss

    Looks like 4680 cell production activity is gaining steam

    Tesla launches significant hiring spree for 4680 battery cell pilot production line in Fremont - Drive Tesla Canada This will be interesting to watch. It looks like 4680 cells will be ramping to high volume production in tandem with Cybertruck production. Exciting times ahead!
  10. HaulingAss

    A wristwatch to compliment your new Cybertruck

    What watch do you think does justice to the functional beauty, brutal styling and elegant simplicity of the Cybertruck? My wife alerted me to a limited edition watch just released by Citizen and I thought it was worth sharing here since I think it's a good fit for future Cybertruck owners. If...