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  1. kev12345

    Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    I still find it strange that reservation holders have received their trucks without having made hundreds of posts on this forum over the past 4 years…
  2. kev12345

    Electric Pickup Truck Range Test to Dead : Cybertruck vs. Lightning, R1T, Silverado (by Out of Spec)

    this graph needs an update with truck battery size and miles/kWh.
  3. kev12345

    Cybertruck vs F150 Lightning - Reactions When Getting Drinks

    girls excited about a new shiny thing isn't the best metric of truck buyers interest.
  4. kev12345

    My CyberTruck Wishlist: 10 things to improve towing

    great insight. hopefully Tesla pays attention to drivers like yourself and starts working on actual truck stuff.
  5. kev12345

    Cybertruck at the 2024 Canadian International AutoShow

    vinfast a hit? who are these people?
  6. kev12345

    Update: Aero Wheel Cover Recall reason = making contact with tire sidewall, wearing down rubber

    Lower than expected range, tires wearing due to bad hubcap design, steel rusting. Must feel great paying the foundation series premium!
  7. kev12345

    Buying the FS CT Isn't Logical

    over the last decade we've established 60kWh battery as the minimum size for a car. I'm assuming trucks will settle in at around 160-180kWh minimum. CT battery is just too small IMO. buying the current model doesn't seem logical. but if you have money to burn...
  8. kev12345

    JerryRigEverything: How far can the CYBERTRUCK tow 11,000lbs in Freezing Weather?

    seems like anyway you slice it, a 250 kWh battery is what today's ev trucks need to compete with gas tow rigs. There also needs to be a massive push for more pull-thru chargers
  9. kev12345

    Towing tested with 6,000lb Tesla and trailer load

    even with a 200kwh battery this wouldn't compete with gas pickups on range. that sucks.
  10. kev12345

    Ford Increases the price of the F150 Lightning?!!

    It’s still the cheapest EV truck available so why wouldn’t they increase the price?
  11. kev12345

    Cybertruck Highway Range Test (Dual-Motor AWD) -- Run Until Battery Empty (by Out Of Spec)

    Tesla made the same mistake as model X. Stupid doors became priority over the “utility” part of the SUV. Cybertruck got sidetracked with features nobody asked for and left out the one thing EV truck buyers want. BASIC EV TRUCK. GOOD COST/RANGE VALUE. Is anyone listening???
  12. kev12345

    Full Cybertruck review by Out of Spec Kyle: Service Mode, Wiper, Powertrain, & Much More

    Can’t wait to see a real range test and a towing test! Glad to hear he’ll be doing direct comparisons with the other EV trucks.
  13. kev12345

    Canada Unlocked Anyone?

    There’s one in the silverstar parking lot right now
  14. kev12345

    Boat Package coming for Cybertruck! -- Will traverse at least 100m of water as a boat 🌊

    Elon and his drunken tweets must give his engineers nightmares. Can’t make the boss a liar, get to work! meanwhile most of us just want a basic Ev pickup truck with decent range at an affordable price…
  15. kev12345

    Too expensive...not going to be able to order after 4 years

    sounds like we're all going to be in the pre owned lightning crew!
  16. kev12345

    Cybertruck vs F-150 Raptor R: DRAG RACE

    isn't anyone tired of the 1/4 mile 0-60 ev shtick yet? its a truck. I still haven't seen it to do truck things.