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  1. Earth day Rivian R1 discount - $5K discount when you trade a gas car.

    I caught a rumour, perhaps true, somewhere today that Tesla FSD is temporarily priced at $8K.....down from the $12K Perhaps a sales push !?!?!
  2. Random Cybertruck shots of the day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    Sounds like a good poker hand____Imagine if you had the complete 5 car Tesla hand; that could that be a ROYAL FLASH
  3. Watch the Accelerator Pedal Recall Fix being done live

    Can we make it a little more CYBER..... Guttering uses rivets....CT deserves better! imo
  4. 90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    YOLO :) I can see you now...'pole' position! THE FLYING FITCH
  5. 90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    Imho Cancellation rate is relevant for the bottom line. The reservation rate today, tomorrow and down the line, matters equally or maybe more. They might even balance each other out and match production want 'buyers' to get their CT and not have to wait for years. Still waiting...
  6. Something wrong … no accelerator pedal issue !

    'Half Glass Full' ( 356 Wh/ml ) In '86, l drove a 356 B in the Porsche Club economy run over a distance of about 200mls. We had 3 on board and was beaten by a 356A with driver only on board, by 20 cents worth of fuel when the tanks were refilled at the end! It's great to see this thru a...
  7. The issues are piling up…

    Looks to me that many are upset and/disappointed. I feel your pain watching this unfold from my 'armchair' position, living vicariously the CYBERLIFE. All this should fade with time......memory/recall can do that. I particularly get how the build team and service teams must be feeling....let...
  8. The issues are piling up…

    'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' There's always the Tradies' Best Friend......Duct Tape!
  9. 😅 I Regret Not Buying a CyberBEAST | Owner Reacts

    I reckon you get great SMILEAGE.......
  10. 😅 I Regret Not Buying a CyberBEAST | Owner Reacts

    Day 1 res for a TRI.....Coming DownUnder l hope in '26! Needs to run the dragstrip for a bit of CYBERFUN..... preferably in the 10 second bracket ( 10.95 will do! ) I was born in the '50s
  11. Do you live near a Cybertruck graveyard?

    Bone_Stuck_Yard! There's bound to be 'metrics alternativs around this.....' We say Used Car Yard ....maybe Used Car Lot is where you are?!?!
  12. 340 Cybertrucks spotted at Giga Texas today 4/15/24

    Carpark is the chess board..... CT is the CROWN in the Tesla line-up Whatever move you make, it's CHECKMATE!!
  13. FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    Fair enough .... NETFLIX and other such are costly imo. ( for what we can do without ) NHTSA have stated that systems like FSD make driving on the highway many times safer than without. $99 might just be the psychological 'sweet spot' and when we look back on this time in ten years, it might...
  14. FSD (Supervised) is now $99/month

    10 years of FSD @$99/month..... $12K upfront might pay off when ROBOTAXI is a thing!
  15. Candy Blue Wrap + Black Pillars