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  1. Albern

    CT Vault subcompartment dimensions

    Have you looked at the Brompton Folding Electric bikes yet?
  2. Albern

    Elon Reconfirms Production Cybertruck Will be Around 3% Smaller. Factory Delivery / Pick Up Will Be Available!

    Thanks for pulling up that Elon Tweet; seems that a lot of people missed this point amid all the talk about dimensions. I totally agree with you that I too want CT to be massive. Even after hearing the Rogan interview yesterday, I'm still bothered by the 3% reduction although I fully know it's...
  3. Albern

    But How...?

    Yeah, MT did a whole series of articles on CT that has nice little bits of info here and there. At the moment, I have no reason to doubt the author. If I remember from the written article in MT (December 2019 or January 2020 issue??) they saw the running prototype while it was on a lift. Their...
  4. Albern

    But How...?

    Here's the article - The cylinder is just over 12" in diameter. Keep in mind this is for the prototype so the production version could differ.
  5. Albern

    But How...?

    When Motortrend got a sneek peak of CT before the reveal, they indicated that there was a cylinder underneath the bed (similar to where the pass through is of a Rivian R1T) where the value pulled and rolled into.
  6. Albern

    Tesla Cybertruck warthog would be a ‘dream collab’ for Xbox executive

    A Cybertruck Warthog would bring amazing competition against Jeep and be a hit with the overlanding / off-roading crowd. I'd be interested.
  7. Albern

    5 Reasons I Love the Rivian...But Still Buying the Cybertruck (Video)

    I like the Rivian's trucks, especially the R1S. It seats 7 and the smaller size would make it perfect for overland. The problem is these vehicles are $20,000 overpriced compared to Tesla and are lagging on the technology side of things. R1S would be a great compliment to my CT Plaid+ when it...
  8. Albern

    Die cast model ?

    It's most likely just a rough modelled approximation.
  9. Albern

    Model S features to Cybertruck?

    My hope is that CT will have at a minimum all of the new features in the S and X. I love the yoke steering and multiple screens (dedicated driver's and second row). It would be amazing if there ends up being a Plaid+ version too. This is a Sports Luxury Truck for me.
  10. Albern

    Cybertruck’s Yoke-Style Steering Wheel Revealed by Way of Model S and X Updated Interiors?!

    I'm glad S and X has a steering yoke now and am hopeful that CT will have one too. I'm surprised about non-AI gear selection. FMVSS specs call for PRND to be electro-mechanically actuated. I don't have a full understanding of what that means in this context but either the S/X solution via...
  11. Albern

    Die cast model ?

    Franz is holding onto an ~1/18 scale version of CT.
  12. Albern

    Cybertruck after warranty

    Cool thanks!! Completely forgot a out Electrified Garage. I'll have to look up those businesses that are in Canada too. :)
  13. Albern

    Cybertruck after warranty

    I too prefer to keep my cars for a long time and am hoping to continue that with my CT Tri-Motor. This is why I'm grateful for 3rd party shops like:
  14. Albern

    Cybertruck and Semi together?

    It would be cool to have a Semi as a personal vehicle but costs aside, Class-8 licensing and operational logistics (e.g. maintenance, parking, etc...) would be interesting challenges to overcome. Since ordering a CT, I've become more interested in off-roading / overlanding. I'm thinking of...
  15. Albern

    Armor glass sourcing

    If the glass is to be outsourced, Surmet ALON could be a candidate per Sandy Monroe. Keep in mind that the Semi is supposed to be getting this glass too.
  16. Albern

    Central Driving Position

    I think that would be cool to have the driver's seat in the middle. It seems really cool and functional for other vehicles like the Tesla Semi, McLaren F1, and the McLaren Speedtail.
  17. Albern

    Power liftgate and power ramp? Yay or nay?

    I'm all yay for both a powered liftgate and ramp. To me, CT is a sports-luxury truck so these are must-haves.
  18. Albern

    Power liftgate and power ramp? Yay or nay?

    That would be an awesome use case scenario!!!
  19. Albern

    Different gloss of stainless on November concept vs. Peterson Museum concept

    Regarding the 2nd pic, that might not be the best comparison to what you saw at Petersen as that CT is the clay model. Can you update it with a photo of the working prototype shown in November?
  20. Albern

    Who would love to have cold thrust rocket thrusters on the CyberTruck?

    Sure, I'm down unless it's crazy expensive. My motto is to always buy vehicles fully loaded.