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  1. Tesla Looks a Lot More Like BlackBerry Than It Does Apple

    anyone that believes what market analysts say kind of deserves what they get. It was market analysts that said Nokia's market strategy was perfect. The list goes on and on. If you want to say that Blackberry or any other product that rose and fell (and fell off the edge of the planet) is a...
  2. Fellow Nerds: Is Elon more Paul or Leto II?

    Paul became like a deity and Leto got murdered. I don't care for either comparison.
  3. Cybertruck-Making it uniquely yours.

    I could see maybe putting some emblem on the truck but I interpreted the question as whether I would wrap the entire truck and I would not.
  4. Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    Your numbers may be right; I just think it is pessimistic. I want to believe that with such a large plant, and such an ‘easy’ build, that if they get their large Giga press they can turn out more than 75,000 CTs in 2022. Maybe not. I just don’t want to wait that long.
  5. Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    And I thought I was a pessimist. To you guys I am an optimist. When I look at the building progress I see them being able to close one of the buildings by the end of April and someone (I refuse to say whom, but not me) said that Tesla can start building vehicles 4 months after they get walls and...
  6. How Big Is The Interior/Truck Actually?

    Someone told the OP that the CT will have a 6' bench seat in the front so it seems like the OP is concerned about the size of the seated area. I suggest watching the unveiling video that shows large people getting into and out of the CT front and rear and worry less about the actual width...
  7. How Big Is The Interior/Truck Actually?

    I think you should use @Diehard's drawings and guess what the seat-width is going to be. Your guess is as good as mine or anyone else's. And if you want to drop 3% it 'could' be all from the width. I doubt any of it will be from the height. Maybe a bit from the length. If it was taken all from...
  8. Custom vanity license plates - have you ordered yours yet??

    That's for sure. I am not concerned about the vanity plate as I have had mine for 40 years. Does anyone know about the digital plate they had on the CT at the Pedersen? It showed two rear facing cameras integral with the plate and I wonder how they could do that and have an external (normal) plate.
  9. How Big Is The Interior/Truck Actually?

    Like said above, there are 3 separate seats in both front and rear. The exterior width is unknown. Apparently the prototype was about 84" wide and we have been told that the final design will be close to 3% smaller but nothing has been said about where that 3% is coming from. Elon did say that...
  10. Custom vanity license plates - have you ordered yours yet??

    I would replace my vanity plate with a new one since mine are all banged up, but I am kind of hoping for Tesla to do the digital plate thing.
  11. The cost of driving an EV?

    We charge our Model 3 at home and we are paying 1/3-1/2 of what we paid to fill the Mazda CX5. But there are no oil changes and fewer visits (none so far) to the dealer, and perhaps never having to replace brake pads.
  12. Use Cybertruck as stationary power source.

    If it is writing with the warranty why can’t they do it? @Crissa they showed the warranty. It was pretty clear. Also, the guy in question wrote clearly what he did and I am not at all surprised they would void the warranty after that.
  13. Independent Cybertruck Drag Coefficient Analysis Yields 0.34 Cd

    When I was in school we had some miniature wind tunnels and I put some tent designs (made of balsa wood) in them. I bet some students would get a kick out of running some truck designs in the small tunnels (cross section about 25 square inches) as a class project. Alternatively, maybe one of the...
  14. Trailer brake assist

    The brake assist is in the wiring, and just relays the vehicle's brake signal to the trailer. So as long as you have the trailer wire harness hooked up properly it should work fine (any vehicle). If the question is really about something in software and hardware (i.e., more elaborate than simply...
  15. Trailer brake assist

    I think that we need a pinned page that has everything we know (we kind of have one but it isn't maintained to my knowledge) AND everything we don't know, both with URLs showing where we got the information. Right now the list of things we don't know is quite long, including this one.
  16. Cybertruck Horn

    I did a search and found out that you are correct but I am a bit surprised that the powers that be would let any old sound be a horn sound. I know that the mandate that new electric cars have some noise generator to alert pedestrians (etc) of their presence, was the rationale behind the boombox...
  17. Independent Cybertruck Drag Coefficient Analysis Yields 0.34 Cd

    An aircraft's weight doesn't change just because there is a lifting force on it, and the lifting force is the result of different pressures on the bottom and top of the airfoil. I have never done an analysis of a vehicle shape. Maybe the OP has.
  18. Independent Cybertruck Drag Coefficient Analysis Yields 0.34 Cd

    A couple of things. When Elon Musk was interviewed recently he spoke about the coefficient of drag and mentioned a couple of these factors. I do not recall him giving a value. When he unveiled the CT he said the value might go as low as 0.30 which would be really, really low for a truck. Seeing...
  19. Elon Musk Was Just in the Studio and Says Final Cybertruck Design is Looking 👌

    I am guessing you haven't seen many of the early web sites (including mine). The world of web sites has changed many times over since the early 90s when they arrived on the scene. I didn't think the IDRA site was awful; but it also wasn't very informative.